Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ask A Simple Question

Playing some scammers is like playing with a four year old who, when not getting their way, picks up their marbles and "screw you guys...I'm going home".

Here's one who was that way almost from the get go.

Representing hisself as Barrister Frank Oduna, running another one of those UN scam victim reparation scams, here is his opening gambit:

Attention your MTCN 575 220 2045

we stopped sending your money since 2013 because of spam emails you
were receiving from people that claim to be western union.
We were confused about this so we have tried and have arrested some of them.
Now the situation has cooled down and we have started sending money to
the whole people concerned.
The new arrangement is that what you will receive everyday is $4000.00
and what you will pay everyday to receive this fund  is $150 everyday,
but this is the begining so you can go ahead and pay whatever you have
at hand to receive it so that when you receive the first payment you
will be able to pay $150 everyday.
Your first payment has already been sent, this is the MTCN;575 220 2045
track it, but you cannot pick it till you send any amount as I told

Click this link:

Sender: Cynthia Farnsley,
MTCN No: 575 220 2045
Text Question....Honesty
Country............Benin Republic
Western Union Office Department

Send it to the info below pease no mistake in the receiver name to avoid delaying:
1.RECEIVER NAME:.........Prince John
2.COUNTRY:............. BENIN REPUBLIC .
3.CITY :............... COTONOU .
6.AMOUNT .....?

Now, unlike so many other scams of this nature, you note that you are required to wire them "$150 everyday".  Granted, how many people are stupid enough to wire them $150 once, let alone several days running BEFORE it sinks in that the senders are getting bilked, is unknown to me.  However, my character puts forward an assertion and a question that my character feels is worthy of putting forward and asking:

Thank you for your kind offer.  The UN says I don't have to pay $150 every day to receive $4000.  What say you?  
That reply goes unresponded to after almost a week, so my character tries again:
I'm still waiting to hear what say you that the UN says I don't have to pay $150/day to receive $4000.  
That gets this reply from Barrister Frank Oduna, four year old:
ok bye  
LOL...crybaby.  You're too easy.  You're not going to make much money giving up that easy.  
The response was all that could be hoped for:
f*** off.  
It would appear that you're right...your attempt is definitely off.  Wanna try again?  
Too late; he picked up his marbles and pouted home.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Well, at least this one is actually reading what you write. That's refreshing.

Have a fabulous day. My best to my buddy Seymour. :)

23 August, 2014 10:01  

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