Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Air Is Blue

What is blue?

The sky.

Robins' eggs.

A K-Mart special.

But on this occasion, the air.

That's why this particular icon is shocked.

Scammer Sai Mumuni has writ me before.  He's writ my character(s).  But the latest version of "Sai" went to the wrong well with this one.  See what you see:

Dear Friend,

Compliment of the season to you.

Greeting from Burkina Faso. I contacted you long ago, I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that fund transferred; This is to notify you that I have deposited the sum of ($800,000.00us) for your compensation with the agent Western Union Money Transfer to be
transfer/send to you. They told me that they will be sending the sum of $5,000.00us to you everyday until the total sum is completed ($800,000.00us).

Below is the information to your first payment of the $5,000.00 us you can track it and confirm the MTCN ready to pick up by clicking on (

Sender's Name: Alester Midori
Text Question: When
Text Answer: Now
MTCN: 2201015651

Once, you pick it you should try to let them know so that they can send you another payment.

Yup...he led with "Compliment of the season".  *TOING....BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZER*

How I like to make scammers HATE that lead off.  And one did.

First, a warning:  even though this copy is 'bleeped' so to speak, the intended 'blue language' still seeps through:

Subject: Compliment of the season my ASS.

Let's clear this sh*t up right now.

I did NOT WRITE to "compliment" the f**king season, okay?

F**K THE SEASON!  Here in Burkina Faso it's hot, Third Worldly, fly infested
decadent, decayed, dilapidated...F**K THE SEASON!!!
And for that matter, F**K THE COMPLIMENT AS WELL. 
Are we clear on that sh*t now?  F**king 'A right we better be, Asshat.
I contacted you long ago, and you f**king rude wad, you never got back to me. 
What the f**k is up with that? I am very happy to inform you that you're a douche nozzled
asswagon of dubious antecedence and yo' mama serves as a tackling dummy for Nigerian
militia on holiday. 
So whatever it was that I contacted you about, and you -- being the ass f**k that you are --
never responded, I am happy to inform you that I took care of business without your
sorry, lazy, goat-sodomizing f**k-lipped self.  And you know what?  It worked out for
me.  Hahahahahahaha, you sorry shortness of mugu breath!!!!  Ebu mama gi, you aborted
Now, if you're wondering if I had the time to write this email personally to you, no, I didn't;
I have better things to do than waste syllables on douche nozzles.  So I had my primate
secretary do it: his name is Mr. Vick Omo, a monkey f**king pervert from here in Burkina
Faso, and you can email his sorry ass and make loads of fun of him at

Go ahead, chicken sh* and make fun of him.

And you should not hesitate to let me know when you grew some 'nads and actually emailed

I apparently offended Sai:
no need for you f**k stuff.  it not polite. 
Yeah...lots of 'polite' folk would completely agree, Sai.  But in his case, I don't quite agree in a roundabout way:
Whaddaya talkin' about?  You sent ME all the f**k stuff.  Isn't that your f**king letter?  Isn't your f**king name Sai Mumuni?  Weren't YOU the one ranting about complimenting the f**king season?  Well????????
I do know the quick way to end communications with a sensitive scammer. 

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Blogger Sandee said...

But me trying to steal from you is very polite. Bless their thieving hearts.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. ☺

01 August, 2013 09:42  
Blogger Right Truth said...

Good point Sandee.

Skunkfeathers, you should be nicer to these people who are trying to rip you off, how dare you use that kind of language.

If these guys get arrested and put in jail, they might learn to listen and to experience that one particular word you used, heh

Right Truth

01 August, 2013 11:41  

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