Monday, July 1, 2013

One A Dem "Oh Whoops" Moments In Scamdumb

Sometimes, scammers are almost as stupid as liberal low information voters.

Which turns out pretty funny, except around this particular scammer's fly-infested Third World internet cafe.

As I've reported to y'all, I've started receiving a new wave of "dating scam" emails.  All of which are very unconvincing to a person who's been scambaiting/scam editing for the past 14 years.

But sometimes, the scammer makes it obvious to EVERYONE.  Literally.

Take this scammer.  Read carefully "her" email pitch:

On 6/28/13, baby hun <> wrote:
> Hi dear
> How are you today, I hope all is well with you .I am sorry to worry you
> with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that you will
> grant my request in good  sense and understanding, My name is miss zarrina
> i saw your profile today in the internet friendship site
>  and became intrested in you,i will also like to know  more about you.i'm
> hoping to hear from you soon so that I can send you more details about my
> self Including my picture. I believe we can move from here. Bear in mind
> that  friendship and Love has no colors barrier, no educational back ground
> barrier, no socio-economic Barrier, religious, language, nationality or
> distance barrier, the only important Thing there is love.
> Yours Sincerely zarrina

Other than the fact that the email address is to a "zarrinalarry", it's pretty run of the mill, ain't it?  Of course, there are the other 'tells':

- it didn't come addressed directly to my email addy
- I don't have an internet 'profile' for this email address
- it's written in boilerplate Nigerian scammese

But there was one other wee little 'tell' that not only unmasked this as a scam, but a very poorly thought out one by the scammer.

"She" used CC for all the addresses "she" sent it to, instead of "BCC".

Can you say "oh whoops"?

Perhaps you can say "of f***ing whoops", when you see that the email was sent to almost 400 other addresses, along with yours.

Yes...almost 400.  All of whom get to see who "she" sent this to.

The results were, I am sure, not what "she" or her handlers expected.

A number of the "almost 400" chose to reply directly to "she"...along with the rest of us almost 400.

A quick cherrypicking of the responses leads one to believe that "she" has been less than convincing here:

- This is a scam. The bitch is going to start to ask you to send her money. She was stupid enough to include all the email addresses of everyone she contacted. Do not deal with this scammer. if you want to
scam bait her and waste your time...feel free.

- mugu mek i hear word may shango take ur drunken father for his ashawo scrobo oooo

- what a stupid f***ing douche.  Yeah, tell all 380 plus of us what a stupid bitch you are!

- get sterilized you silly cow.  ur too stupid to breed.

- f**k off scammer.

- How does ANYONE WITH A BRIAN FALL FOR THIS SH*T?  (I think we know what they meant).

- F**k you whoever sent this message. Scamming ass motherf**ker. S**k my dick for some bus fare. Oh wait are there buses in Nigeria? Dickeater. Oh how smart of you to send a scam email to like 380 people. F**k learn to scam first bitch

- You love me so you sent this to almost 400 people?

You get the general ideer.

Well naturally, I couldn't resist joining the commenters...but I did so in the manner used so often lately.  I edited the email and sent it back to Zarrina Larry and all of "her" almost 400 new 'admirers':

 Hi dear
How are you today, I hope all is well with you and your respective genitals, whatsoever they may be.  I am sorry if I worry you with my Proposal for a relationship with you, but my inflatable baboon can be patched no mores and I know that you will be a credible substitute for my inner prostitute, yes I do know this because my friend at NSA say you calling prostitutes all time.

My name is miss zarrina; my internet friends without web cams call me "hun"; my family call me Larry.

I have sick family, no?  i saw your profile today in the internet friendship site that my handlers refer me to and while busy swatting fruit flies away from my mouldering snatch, I think that mebbe I can make some money here, yes? 
I am became intrested in you because I like big strong yaks; wildebeests smell too funny.  i will also like to know  more about you, whether you like it doggie style or inflatable.  I good either way.
.i'm hoping to hear from you soon so that I can send you more details about my self.  But suffice it to say I am the woman that every man's mama warns him to run from fastly.  Partially 'cuz I too fat to keep up.
Elephant sh*t, was I opposed to omit that here?   
After we learn more about each, I believe we can move from here and live happy ever after in Detroit.  Food stamps and free cell phones iz plentiful there, yes?
Bear in mind that  friendship and Love has no dealer prep and options, no educational back ground
barrier because it easy to love stupid, no socio-economic Barrier that can't be scammed, religious, language, nationality or distance barrier, the only important Thing there is whachu gots and whose yer daddy.  Absolutely somma which has do with this intent in my emails.
Yours Sincerely zarrina
That didn't get any comment from the scammer -- who's probably running for cover after "her" handlers saw the obvious gaffe in the email -- but one of the "almost 400" had something to say:
- do you do camels doggie style?
Lesson to scammers:  want to lose your audience?  Use "CC" instead of "BCC".  Works pretty much every time  ;-)

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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha. I really like this one.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. :)

02 July, 2013 12:58  

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