Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pipes For All Occasions

Pipes For Plumbing
Scammers crack me up sometimes.

This one thinks he's going to use the "send me an oversized bogus check and have me return the balance via Western Union" ploy, by treating me as if I'm a product supplier that has what he needs.

Little did he know, I do.  Just not in the format he was countin' on.

Here was his gambit:

Dear Supplier,

Can you send me your Product price lists by email to cross check if you have any of the products that the Ghana Project  with  Contract & Procurement Services need so that I will visit their Office and give you full details of the supply.

We shall proceed when i hear from you.
Call me or mail  me okay.
EMAIL: procu3agent@gmail.com

CALL NOW : +233 268 645 733.
EMAIL: procu3agent@gmail.com

I sent him an email back suggesting that I believed my *company* had all the kind of pipe products that his *company* could want.   And I followed that up by collecting a whole list of pipe *products* to forward for his purchasers to peruse:

We had pipes for symmetrical flow

We had pipes for suction and blow
We had pipes that could handle any kind of flow
We had pipes that could shoot...
We had pipes that could sing

We had pipes that could vent mental feces

We had pipes that could scoot

We had pipes that had various stiffness and erection stresses

We had pipes that could help get you high...

We had pipes that could sound...

We had pipes that could fly
And we had pipes that could vent obnoxious substances

He was so impressed with our array of pipe products, he wrote back to me expressing genuine enthusiasm as only a scammer who just figured it out, could:

"this is serous bussness.  f**k you".

That's no way to act in a business-oriented scam.  Really.  But to show him that there were no hard feelings, I sent him an offer for a free pipe to vent his frustration with:
We even have special venting pipes, just for you.

He didn't bother to respond, though I suppose he could have responded with one of our special pipes for special vents:                                                                              

I would have arranged for a special discount for him on this one...
Or perhaps some reader of this post will  ;-)

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Blogger Sandee said...

Bwahahahahahahaha. You really gave him some serous bussness. f**kyou! Bwahahahahahaha. They just can't spell can they? No, they can't.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. :)

10 July, 2012 09:41  
Blogger Right Truth said...

You racist you!

Special discount. "We shall proceed when i hear from you", ha

Right Truth

11 July, 2012 09:35  
Blogger Jenny the Pirate said...

HI Skunky, RYC on my post, were you taking Seymour to work with you when the new employer gave you the heave-ho? Because that might've been your problem with the "image." Just saying. Also CONGRATULATIONS on getting your old job back! Leave Seymour at home this time! Hooray Skunky! *confetti*

11 July, 2012 22:39  

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