Saturday, July 7, 2012

Number 700

Who imagined I'd hit 700 posts here?

Not me.  Especially with posts like this 'un...

For those of you old enough to remember this cartoonish bug to the right, you'll remember it to be from a Raid Insect Killer Spray commercial back in the 1970s.  I kept a copy of this, thinking that it might be useful one day.

Back in '01, I worked at a place that had cameras as a part of what the place was about.  My department was primarily concerned with that aspect, but another department had limited access to some of our concern. 

One camera was positioned to as to be able to see into a window in one part of the facility.  Not that there was anything to see there; it just could.  And for some reason, the other department seemed to like to turn the camera to look there, even though there was nothing for them to see.

Well, I fixed that:  I taped a copy of the photo on the right inside the window, looking out.  From that day forward, it became 'the Henhouse Bug'.

I spent a lot of years at that facility, eventually changing jobs and responsibilities, until new ownership took over 15 months ago and decided to adjust staffing levels.  I was one such 'adjusted' staff. 

Eh.  Life happens.  I went on to find and experience other endeavors, with sitting on my duff collecting unemployment and expecting others to pay my way, not one of them.

But life likes to sometimes imitate a dog chasing its tail.  In so doing, I wound back up at the facility, doing what I'd used to do, and done well enough to wind back up there.

Never say "never", I suppose.

Imagine my amusement to find that 'the Henhouse Bug' was still there.

I wonder who'll get to retire first. 



Blogger Sandee said...

What a great story. I'm glad that you are back at your old job and I'm even more thrilled that the Henhouse Bug is still there too. I'll be you retire first.

Have a terrific day. :)

07 July, 2012 09:31  
Blogger Serena said...

Congrats on #700! Great story, too.:)

07 July, 2012 19:40  
Blogger Right Truth said...

The Henhouse Bug, interesting name. Congrats on the 700 posts. I don't think I've ever paid any attention to how many posts I have put up at Right Truth. In your case it is "quality" over "quantity" always.

Right Truth

08 July, 2012 11:23  
Anonymous Didey said...

Never say "never", indeed!

700 posts and counting, can't be a bad thing :)

Onwards and upwards!

30 July, 2012 04:27  

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