Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Ticking Crock

A break in making fun of scammers.

Life and death.  We all have our time.

Whatever your view, I found this funny.

If you've been reading here long, you won't be surprised by that.  Especially with my thoughts on soeterodoesn'tcare, trying to marxize a hellthscare plan near you.

I first heard of years ago.  It was formatted a little differently then, but the premise was pretty much the same:  enter some key data, and the 'Death Clock' would calculate your last day of this life.

An optimist would view this as perhaps "now I can make the most of every remaining moment!".  A pessimist would be afraid of having to wait that long. 

A low information soetero voter would just be pissed that they couldn't get a free phone or cheese at the site.

I hear that the creators didn't originally set out to make this particular application:  they tried to make their calculator pick Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby winners.  *BUZZZZER*  It totally muffed on the last 8 NCAA March Madness brackets.  And it was an abysmal failure in finding intelligent life in Nancy Pelosi's voting district or at the DC DNC hq, so the creators found a new use for it.

This is far more entertaining and manageable than seeking intelligent life on the Left. 

Anyway, visit the site, plug in some basics (DOB, gender, alcohol consumption, smoker or not, BMI (which it will approximately calculate for you if you don't know it...I of course know my BMI like I last knew my cholesterol levels in 2006), and then it will give you four choices for your date of demise:  optimistic, neutral, pessimistic and 'suicidal' (which I prefer to refer to as 'under soeterodoesn'tcare regulations').

When I tried my stats under the 'under soeterodoesn'tcare regulations', the graphic above was my result.

Which will pretty much settle my concerns about retirement ;-)

My pessimistic result added 7 years to my life span; not so pessimistic, eh?  My neutral one, only three more than that, which suggests that pessimists and "eh" aren't so far apart.

The optimistic one suggests I'll make it to the 100 year anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  Barely.  Since I missed the original Pearl Harbor by just a tad over 15 years, you can do the math.

The site also offers you a chance to comment on your results, and even email comments to the site originators.

Some of the comments are a hoot.  You can tell who takes themselves too seriously.

So for some amusing, if a bit morbid fun in October with Halloween on the horizon...*TOING*...visit

Since a future post is about a scammer who wants to sell me millions of email addresses at pounds on the dollar -- including perhaps YOURS -- you might relish this and the next posts a bit longer.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Based on our calculations you will die on: Wednesday, 21st November 2029

You will live to be 78 years, 2 months and 13 days old!

19 October, 2013 11:54  
Blogger Right Truth said...

I think I will wait and be surprised, heh, when my times comes. Some days I think it will be sooner than others.

Right Truth

21 October, 2013 19:53  

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