Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lotto Brevity

Lotto scams.  Ya gotta luv 'em.

Especially the brief ones.

Take this one for of the shortest lotto scam emails I've ever received:

Dear Brethren, My name is Jeanne Fortuyn, Am a 62 years old widow. I winned big lottory and I want to donate Seven Million, Five
hundred thousand United state dollars. 7,500,000 USD to charity Organisation in your country.Please contact
me for more detail (
Regards, Jeanne Fortuyn. 

Forget that the email was addressed from a Stacey Lewis
( and sent to

I guess I had the right info to get noticed, eh?

Forget about the terrible grammar and spelling; for all I know, she's a student in the Chicago public skools.  With that in mind, her self-esteem is already laying in enough tatters to last a lifetime; I really felt an obligation to reply, and with almost as much brevity as she:

Dear Episcopals, my name is Sharon Fallatio.  Yes, my parents really name me that.  They wrote comedy for Rachal Madcow to use on a sitcom with Barney Fwank, entitled My Entirely F***ed Up Worldview.  It was supposed to run on Airhead America, until it capsize and stink.

I was cleaning out my closet, and I found 7.5 million vaginal swabs I never turned in to get tested for whatever it was I was swabbing.  I guess I just liked swabbing.  Hooha.  A little more to the LOOOEEEEEEE, oh yassa, dat be da spot, homeboy!

So now, my local municipality is demanding I send these things somewhere.  Ecological disaster, they said?  I think I should be file discrimination but Gloria Allred's busy trying to prop up Sandra Fluke. 

So, I gots ta go someplaces wid alla dis swabs.  You want somma dis?
If yes, email me h'yah at; if you don't, I hope one of your neighbors gets a bunch and leaves them for your cat to drag in.

After a couple days, I got a reply with which I am wholly in agreement with:

u 1 sick bastard 

Only if I order some of your swabs.  I hear even crotch crickets can't go 'em.  Hillary Clinton might be in for a few thou though....

The ensuing silence suggests she thinks her point is made...


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Blogger Sandee said...

That was some edit. You are one sick bastard, but that's why I like you so much. Well that and Seymour.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. :)

13 October, 2013 09:22  
Blogger Right Truth said...

She "winned" the lottery...

You are right, must be some government school, Chicago, Detroit, ...

I have never bought a lottery ticket.

I remember Dave Ramsey making fun of people who buy lottery tickets.

Right Truth

13 October, 2013 20:57  

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