Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everybody Won't Get Stoned..Just Yet might say that Election 2012 went to pot.

Literally so in Colorado.

Colorado and Washington State are the two states that just -- by a vote of the people -- approved de-criminalizing marijuana.

Not just dopers are celebrating.  Locally, even some sound, upright conservatives have long argued for this moment.

Thanks to the voters of Colorado, they maybe mighta got it.

But not so fast, as our esteemed and sauteed governor with the goofy last name reminds us; "don't break out those Cheetos and Gold Fish just yet".

I happen to like Cheetos and Gold Fish crackers without any artificial stimulus, thank you very much, Guv Hickenloopy.

Amendment 64 -- whatever else it does, if it's another one of those "we have to pass it to find out what's in it" loads of crap -- might de-criminalize cannabis in Colorado.  But not if the Feds don't get on board.

Others aren't buying into it either.  The NFL says "no change" in their strict drug policies.  So too, the NCAA.  State law enforcement has yet to weigh all the ramifications with 64.  Not to mention, all those private and public sector employers that have pre-employment and post-incident drug screening, terminating violators for positive results.

Like so many ballot initiatives that get passed by a vote of the people, there will be no doubt a litany of lawsuits shortly to be filed by opponents, who failed to stop this at the ballot box.  So next they'll try it at the judicial box.

If it isn't squashed by the Feds or judiciary, Amendment 64 may take 2-5 years to finally implement.  And another 5-20 years for the full impact and consequences to become clear.

Truth be told, I voted against it; I am one of those apparently rare birds who never tried marijuana.  Not once.  It never tempted me.  It still doesn't.  In my younger years, I came to associate it with some rather unsavory, repulsive folks (what would pass today for the Occupy Nothing Useful crowd).

Later, it was a non-starter for my career field choice; one positive drug test, regardless of when or why, and I'd be looking for an entirely different line of work.

And I never bought the arguments that proponents use to say it's okay:  that it's harmless and makes people mellow, unlike alcohol; that it's much safer to smoke than smoking cigarettes; that it's not a 'gateway drug' and won't lead users to more radical and lethal substances; that people don't get violent and commit crimes on pot; that it's a source of revenue generation at a time that budgets are tight; and that once it's legalized, it neuters the drug lords.

Prove all of that to me 10-20 years after it's legalized.  At this point, I doubt you'll be able to.

That said, I won't be joining any class actions or suits to stop Amendment 64.  My personal choice is that I won't partake of it.  It's my right and choice not to.  At the same time, once it's legally enacted, any one who so chooses, can partake.  That's their choice.

See how simple and unobstrusive that is, liberals?

Meantime, Colorado gets to be the envy of some, and the butt of jokes for others.  For example: -- or at least soon, perhaps -- we'll have the "Mile Higher City".  Starbucks will have a 'bong section' added to their franchises.  Munchies will become like a cigarette after sex used to be.

Cheech and Chong will forsake Berkeley for Denver.

Amidst all this my pet rock, Seymour, wants to know what all the hoopla's about.  He says that he's been stoned all his life, and "it be no big thang".  What's more, Seymour says I set my pots to smoking in my kitchen all the time, and neither the Feds or West Metro Drug Task Force have ever bothered me over it.

Perhaps Bob Dylan can explain at least part of it to Seymour...

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Blogger Sandee said...

I'm with you on this one, but I had the same background investigation to contend with as you did. The world is changing so very rapidly. And not necessarily for the best.

Have a terrific weekend. My best to Seymour. :)

10 November, 2012 08:29  
Blogger Right Truth said...

This should be interesting. I think every individual is allowed to have/grow 5 plants. Should keep the police busy just checking that part of the law.

Right Truth

10 November, 2012 19:22  
Blogger Jenny the Pirate said...

*APPLAUSE* interesting and very informative post, Skunky! And that SEYMOUR ... what a life he does live. Can't wait to see what the end of all this madness ends up being. I'm a trifle pessimistic. And thanks for taking up for me on IHATH! I appreciate your conservatism and your patriotism and your blog-buddyism and most of all your mad sense of humor.

11 November, 2012 17:18  

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