Thursday, November 29, 2012

Calling Liechtenstein

November 29, 2012.  Which means that 28 days of the month are history.


I find the photo on the right will be non sequitur to what I'm about to write.  Besides...the sign is wrong:  I bet Montana and Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona, and even Texas, have such signs.

Perhaps not buttressed by a used up GE, but I start to digress now.

My page stat counter is a curious thing.  It tells me from where in the world I'm getting page visitors.  For instance, on November 28, 2012, after visitors from the USA, the next largest group of visitors came from, of all places, Bulgaria.

Hello, Sophia.

A lot of foreign visitors find my page thanks to Google searches.  For the past 28 days of November, my ten most visited posts concerned what I do to email scam emails (7), legalizing pot in Colorado, grits, and receiving collect calls from the dead.

I doubt Bulgarians were much interested in grits.

After Bulgaria, visitors today were from Canada, the UK, India, Russia, Germany, France, Sweden and Croatia. 

Greetings, Zagreb.

For the week, Poland ranks #2 in visits, right behind my USA-based visitors, ahead of Russia, UK, Canada, India, Bulgaria, France, Germany and Indonesia. 

Greetings, Warsaw & Jakarta.

And for the month through the 28th, after USA-based visits, comes France, followed by the UK, India, Canada, Germany, Russia, Poland, Australia and Indonesia.

Messy bird coup, Paris; G'day, Canberra.

Throughout my occasions to check stats, I've seen visits from other regions of the world not mentioned herein, but encompassing most of the world's major land masses.

I only lack three locations that I'd really like to see visit, at least once.

Obviously, anyone from the North and South Pole would be unique.

And I'd love to see a visit from at least one person living in Liechtenstein.  Liechtenstein was, for a number of my scambaiting years, the place my various scambaiting characters called 'home'; the phone number I oft times gave scammers to call was the fax number to office of the Mayor of Vaduz.  Or perhaps Hizzoner's office fielded calls from scammers or others, curious about the International Crustacean Obedience Training Institute, allegedly located in Vaduz.  My characters told many a scammer that the beer-stealing lobsters from the Super Bowl Budweiser commercials of years past, were trained there.

So you see why I'd love to see at least one visitor to this site from Liechtenstein.  And no, Switzerland does not count; I've been visited by Switzerland. 

It has to be a page visit from Liechtenstein.

So that's my Christmas wish for 2012:  before the Mayan Calendar is proven to be real or another Al Capone's vault, I want at least one page stat from Liechtenstein.

Someone out there MUST know at least one computer-owning person in Liechtenstein.

Comensee here, Vaduz; you know you wanna.

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Blogger Sandee said...

I hope you get what you want, but I can't help you here. I know of no one from Liechtenstein. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your keywords are picked up in Liechtenstein.

Have a terrific day. My best to Seymour. :)

29 November, 2012 09:49  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Progress report: Spain, Ukraine, China, Norway and Romania weighed in today. Still no Liechtenstein... :-(

29 November, 2012 17:01  
Blogger Right Truth said...

I stopped looking at my SiteMeter a long time ago, but for kicks I just took a look. After the US and the UK, Turkey seems to be my next in line for visits. That's strange.

Right Truth

30 November, 2012 15:24  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Turkeys probably just wanted to know where you were dining last week... ;-)

01 December, 2012 06:07  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Add Bangladesh, Israel, Peru and Nigeria to the visits...still no Liechtenstein :-(

01 December, 2012 17:54  

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