Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Not 'Bit' By The Coin


Having left Fecesbook behind -- due to their crimepaign against all things conservative-leaning -- I am trying out a couple of online alternatives.

Neither work quite as well as Fecesbook, but then neither are practicing selective censorship.

Take that, Fecesbook.

Granted, it's an online platform, so where you find an online platform to meet and intermix with others on a global find scammers.

They weren't long in finding me.

Say hello to "Charlotte".  She claims to be from New York City.  She claims to be an investment manager.  Investing in....*drum roll*.....cryptocurrency.

The company she claims to be an investment manager with is called  

Here's how we rolled in the online chat feature of the fecesbook alternative, after she sent me a friend request and I elected to approve it:

Charlotte (hereafter C): Hello.

Me:  Hello Charlotte.  Hope you're having a great week.

C:  Yes thanks.  Where are you from?

Me:  Originally Iowa, now in Colorado.  You?

C:  New York City.

*time to see how attentive she is and if she is a potential scammer*

Me:  Do you ever get bored with seeing things on a daily basis like the Eiffel Tower?

C:  No, never.  How are things over there?


Me:  We're undergoing a dose of winter right now, but spring like weather is soon.  How about you?

C:  Yes.

C:  What do you do for a living?

Me:  I'm in casino surveillance.  You?

C:  I'm a crypto investment manager.

*the next day, she begins to spin Charlotte's Web of online scam*

C:  Have you heard about bitcoins?

Me:  Yes I have.  Never bit one but yes.   

C:  I have a proposal that you might be interested in.

*TOING...the ploy begins*

Me:  I'll listen..I'm all earwax.   

C:  How would you like to earn $3000 weekly through bitcoin trading?  

Me:  Sounds interesting.  Indulge me.   

C:  All you need to do is to open a trading account under my company’s website

After that you’ll deposit the required amount you want to startup with.

Me:  Sounds interesting.  I'll ponder it over the weekend.

So now it's time to do some resoichy.  Here's in short what I find:

Splixoptions Corporate Trustee Limited is a cryptocurrency mining company based in New Zealand. From the inception and boom of the crypto currency era, we have always been at the forefront of maximizing profits and returns for its partners and users by leveraging on the dwindling values of crypto currencies and other electronic asset with over a 100 professional traders who engage in marginal trading, arbitraging, shape-shift and other known trading formulas and procedures at the helm of affairs, we earn enough to pay out profits to our partners who invest into our pooled investment plans. Currently, we have over 15,000 investors from all works of life spread majorly across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and more recently Africa and Australia. We implore you to take advantage of this opportunity and earn passively while you engage in your full time jobs, who does not want a side income? In a bid to maintain adequate efficiency in our business relationships, we have introduced a 24/7 customer service channel to aid you reach us at your own convenience and time.

Under their "Contact Us" tab, they list two phone numbers that are NOT New Zealand country codes, and they give a primary contact address in....Luxembourg.  The two telephone numbers are country codes 91 (India) and 92 (Pakistan).

Guess they do more than try to update auto warranties.

Just for sh*ts and giggles, I contact their email address ( and just inquire about their having a "Charlotte" as an investment manager in NYC.

Not entirely surprising to me, the email goes unanswered.  So do my online 'customer service' requests on their webslight.  

Asked and answered.

So I took my requisite time to 'ponder', and got back to her with this:

Me:  thanks ever so for the opportunity to give me the business.   

C:  Are you ready to open an account?   

Me:  No.  My two pet rocks that have extensive mineral investments over a broad range of options have suggested that I'd be better off using a Ouija board to consult with the Third Astral Plane as to credible investment strategies.   

C:  What?  

Me:  *I repeat the same answer*

C:  you not going to do business with me?   

Me:  alas, no Charlotte.  You're cute, but your web isn't so much.   

A couple hours later, my friend count on this social media site had magically dropped by one...Charlotte.

Not bit by that coin.

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Blogger Herb said...

It's really interesting and kind of strange that scammers never seem to pay attention to what you say.

07 April, 2021 08:02  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Herb, I supposed that's what creates a bit of the 'fun' I have messing with some of these mental twerps. The ones that don't understand wind up with some of the bigger face plants.

07 April, 2021 15:15  
Blogger Sandee said...

I dumped fecesbook too and don't want to sign up for any alternative though. After a short time I didn't miss any of the idiots. I get that you need blog fodder though and this one is a hummer.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ♥

08 April, 2021 08:56  

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