Saturday, April 14, 2018

Yes They Are

Are scammers as dumb as Nancy Bela Pelosi?

Yes...some of them truly are.

I have proof.

Here's an email my character got from one names Komi Adodo:

I have been directed to contact you today by the Department of Compensation Fund Payment Togo. This is because you have been approved to receive a compensation sum of ? 50,000.00 from the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts. It was established in our records that you rendered assistance to some person(s) in the past who sought your help to assist them move out a certain sum of money out of the country to your own country for business investment.
However, after using you and subjecting you to spend lots of money to achieve this purpose, the fund was not released to you as they promised. In the process, you lost some good monies and did not receive any dime up to date.

This particular amount of ? 50,000.00 has been approved to be paid to you as compensation for all your past efforts in helping your West African partners without success. The compensation amount is to help you recover what you have lost in the past and start your life afresh again.

Due to some international/local financial restrictions, this amount shall be successfully converted/ credited into an Activated ATM Card, and send to your address through any of the international courier services. This is to avoid any illegal banking process and you will be advice with further details on the process involved upon receiving a return email from you.

Please kindly inform us if you are not the addressee to this letter and delete the contents of this email for confidential reason.

Best Regards,

Mr. Komi Adodo

Chairman Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts -Togo Republic.  

All my character did was to ask a simple question in reply:

Is your name really kallme a dodo?  


After going through your mail sent to this office, we want to let you know that your name was review for the payment, therefore you are as requested for delivery of your ATM conformable Visa card of ? 50,000.00 has been approve to be release from the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts
However, I want to clarify that the amount mentioned remained in my custody on an ATM visa card certified / approved not in payment cash. So it is my duty to ensure that the ATM card is delivered to your door step in your country via courier Delivery Company, which will be charged and received by you in any ATM card Checkpoint in your country.

Now, below are the Courier operating companies under our air flight that is useful in your country for the effective delivery to your door step, and I advise you to kindly make your choice the courier Service you want to receive the ATM card automatic, so that I will proceed to their office to obtain more information about their Services procedures before the be delivery.

1. DHL.

2. UPS.



5. A copy of your International Passport or ID Card

It is also recommended that you re-confirm the following information with a copy of your international passport/ID card immediately to be sure that you are the legitimate Owner of the ATM card and also to allow me to register the ATM card to any courier company of your choice for effective delivery.

Best Regards,

Mr. Komi Adodo

Chairman Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts -Togo Republic  


So your name IS Kallme A Dodo.  Nice.  Your parents lose much sleep thinking that one up? his attention:

After going through your mail sent to this office, i am not sure i am understand what you mean.

After going through my email to your office, I don't see what you're not understanding.  Your name suggests that you're a dodo.  Are you?  

i am not understand what this has to do with our business.  Are you make fun of my name is important?  why?  

Do I detect a bit of butt hurt here:

Are you a dodo?  Do you consider yourself a dodo?  Is that why you are named a dodo?  It's a simple question for even a dodo.  

yes that is my name.  you have a name don't you?   

Indeed I do, and it's not that of an extinct bird or a stupid person.  Yours, however, is both.  A dodo is an extinct bird AND in this venue suggests a stupid person.  How does it make you feel to know your parents named you for a stupid person?

The realization to him apparently came hard:


Oh, so THAT'S what your parents considered you?  Ouch.  Named you for an extinct stupid bird and a fatherless simp.  Sounds like your parents sucked.

True or not, Komi Adodo was not interested in furthering the conversation.  Not even for a "Derp!".
Probably just as wouldn't have gone any better than the democrap counter intelligence memo did..."Derp!"


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Blogger Cathy Kennedy said...

This is absolutely hilarious! Wouldn't it be fun to have such a conversation if the emailer wasn't a spambot. :)

18 April, 2018 05:50  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Cathy Kennedy, I think this scammer wishes they had been a spambot ;-)

19 April, 2018 18:38  

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