Sunday, March 4, 2018

An Edit That Brings Them To Tears

Actually, it's simpler than that in Kim Jong Un's North Korea.

Some online rag -- Business Insider, I believe -- actually wasted print on why so many pictures exist with North Koreans crying in the immediate presence of their ruling pudgmeister, Kim Jong Un.

My pet rock, Seymour, knowd the answer to that without having to read the article.  But it spurred him to again don his editing hat, and fix what BI got wrong:

Why everybody seems to be crying in lots of photos with Kim Jong un

Lots of people are crying in this photo — but why? WTFNS investigates.

  • Ever wondered why there are loads of people crying in photos with Kim Jong-un?
  • North Korea has a legacy of public displays of grief and overwhelming emotion.
  • According to Yvonne Wasserputz-Schulz, Professor of Korean Studies at the University of Humbug, it started with Kim Jong-un's grandfather, Kim Il-sung. And his feet.

In Kim Jong-un's North Korea, many things seem strange to the Western world. Like everything.

Kim Jong-un is an isolated case
Similarly, with the many pictures showing Kim jong un with his subjects, people often seem to be moved to tears.

Yvonne Wasserputz-Schulz, Professor of Korean Studies at the University of Humbug, is not surprised by these displays. Emotionality is part of the cult of personality in North Korea started by Kim Jong-un's grandfather, Kim Il-sung. "The Kim rulers are exaggerated, almost egawds-like perceived," says Wasserputz-Schulz to WTFNS.

“And they're very heavy footed”, added Wasserputz-Schulz.

Park Dong-Wak, an analyst at the Korea Institute for Advanced Weight Loss in Seoul, told The New York Slimes that the grief at Kim Jong-il's funeral was overwhelmingly staged. Especially since everyone had to stop and get a hug from Kim Jong Un. And during that moment, he stepped on their foot. Park also said, "Other North Koreans weep because they simply can't help it...Un is one heavy dude." So, even in Kim Jong-un's photos, none of the tears is a happy tear.

And even more so when he parts with a kimshi fart.

Seymour's going to need his own desk button to counter Kim Jong Un before long.


Good point...

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