Sunday, April 10, 2016

Here Come The Wusses

Verbal and visual 'trigger warnings' and 'safe zone violations'.  The latest sand poundingly stupid leftist fad on college campuses.

This particular story comes online about a recent 'safe zone violation' during a student council meeting at the University of Edinburgh.  In the age of Obola and uber touchy feely political correctness, it could be repeated at ANY college campus where the Left is in any kind of control.

When this segment of this generation of college students run face first into real life, all the hash tags on Twitter won't get Mommy to make it stop:

Today's liberal college 'students' are accelerating themselves to the level of super wusses.

Not only do they have 'trigger warnings' for words that offend, they demand 'safe zones' to emotionally recover from having been exposed to words or differences of opinion that offend. And now it doesn't stop there...get this:

University of Edinburgh student Imogene Wilson raised her hands during a student council meeting to protest a statement that she didn’t agree with (*OMG* said no one with rational thought processes). But apparently there were no rational thought processes at this peculiar gathering. The article relates that Imogene was accused of violating the student council’s “safe space” policy because she disagreed with the statement – also, another student said that she made a “negative head motion.” (*OMG* said no one with rational thought processes). Fortunately for the emotionally immature cupcakes on the student council and in the Depends-needing audience, there were no such people – rational – present.  Other than perhaps Imogene.

Yes, the meeting – such as it was – came to a screeching halt so that the emotionally fragile student council could vote on whether to eject Imogene from the meeting because of her – OMG said no one with rational thought processes – “safe space violations”. And exactly what sandpoundingly stupid idiocy passes for the student council's “safe space policy” at the Eunuchversity of Edinburgh? Read it h'yar:

The student council’s safe space policy reads in part, “All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is respectful and considerate of the contributions of others.” The code goes on to say that students at the meetings must refrain from “hand gestures which denote disagreement or in any other way indicating disagreement with a point or points being made. Disagreements should only be evident through the normal course of debate.” Gestures indicating agreement “are permissible” according to the code, as long as they are “not used in an intimidating manner.”

In short, the frightfully delicate souls at the Eunuchversity of Edinburgh say that if you make ANY kind of indication that you disagree with something someone else says...alarm bells and trigger warning sirens go stark raving crazy, causing throngs of immature young minds full of abject mush to go into anxiety attacks and pants/knickers wetting over things like hand raising, head shaking and/or any kind of verbal evidence of disagreement with what you had to suspend logic and reason to hear. Even if only one offended person is saved, isn't it worth it?

In the real world, no “safe space” violation is worth the paper it's printed on (the saying of which just caused massive fouling of selves by the student council at Eunuchversity of Edinburgh).

Of course, even a tree stump could recognize leftist politically motivated censorship (cue a loud "DUH!"). Another student dared to point out that the people accusing Imogene of violating the sanctified “safe space” disagree with Imogene’s politics; so it was okay to disagree with Imogene, but not the reverse, eh?  BTW, the meeting was over whether the student government at the eunuchversity should support efforts to boycott Israel, something which Imogene apparently didn't happen to agree with.

In short...disagree with the Left (someone who doesn’t fall in lock-step with the leftist made up and leftist assininity on parade 'safe space' policies) and you are a 'safe space policy violator'.

That and 50 cents might be worth something in a bed wetting drum circle in a Eunuchversity of Edinburgh safe zone, but isn't going to be worth goat spit in the real world that eagerly awaits stomping on the uber delicate emotional flowers being piss poorly miscultivated at centers of leftist stupidity like the Eunuchversity of Edinburgh.

Yes, here we have tomorrow's generation of 'cowering under couches in fetal positions, fouling themselves because someone actually raised their hand to question some udopian belief of emotive powder puffs from such self ruining centers of dumbed down education as the Eunuchversity of Edinburgh'.  And consider them courtesy of  faculty leftist morons of dubious antecedence with not a lick of common sense. Reactions to this story on social media sites like Twitter make it clear that the Eunuchversity of Edinburgh stunted council should avoid social media and real life, 'cuz neither gives a rat's ass about their declared 'safe zones' and 'trigger warnings' over disagreements, verbal and otherwise.

The moral of the story: if you raise your hand when you’re around any students from the Eunuchversity of Edinburgh – or any of their likeminded centers of liberal dumbspeak – you may just make them piss in their diddies, if not sending them to cower under a couch, crying in their political correctness handbooks.   

How many 'safe zone' policy violations did I just rack up?  Probably not enough...

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Blogger Sandee said...

I agree with very little left thinking. They make me shut down at the yelling and the name calling. In other words...that's all they have. They know they are wrong. That's the sad part.

Have a fabulous day. My best to Seymour. ☺

10 April, 2016 09:01  

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