Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scams and Political Fundraising

With a recent email scam that was sent me by persons of dubious antecedence, claiming to represent scam victims (that they hoped to create LOL), it reminded me of a recent and rather shameless episode in presidential campaigns that I'd never heard of in my lifetime, prior to the current worst potus in history.

And that is, asking people to donate their wedding, anniversary, and birthday gifts to the re-election campaign of the current worst potus in history.

I'm sure that, before they're through -- which we hope they are when legal and fed-up voters and taxpayers toss them out on November 6 -- they'll get lower.

Fundraising campaigns overseas -- for money from marxists and socialists around the world -- seems another step in that direction.

So it didn't seem to me much of a stretch that the campaign of the worst potus in history, would even seek out internet scammers for help.

Thus, the most recent email scam sent me from Nigeria, was crafted as if it was edited for the potus' re-election campaign, BY his re-election campaign.

While this might offend my more liberal readers, it contains a little bit of humor, and a lot of bit of truth, from a regime that sees insisting on legal ID to register and vote as racism....while requiring attendees of their campaign events to provide legal ID for access to same.  If that don't make you go "hmmmm", there is something wrong within your common sense workings.

I'll return to my more usual brand of humor in my next post.  Meantime, read a scam letter edit as if it came from the re-election campaign of the worst potus in history:

From Desk Of Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde
Office of Economic & Financial Crimes Commission
Head Office,5 Fomella Street. Wuse II.
Federal Capital Territory, Abuja-Nigeria
Attention: Scam Victim-to-be,
I am Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde. The chairman of the Office of ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION (EFCC) in alliance with Internet Cafe Organization of Scammers In West African States (ICOoSIWAS) with head Office here in Nigeria. We have been working for years towards the expansion of fraudsters and scam artists in Western part of Africa, because it's easy money, it doesn't require any manual labor -- apart from minor typing skills -- and it's FUN.  We have a great time in our internet cafe, even though it's full of flies and animals wander through it. 
We have been able to track down many of the best and brightest scam artists in various parts of west African countries which includes NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO, GHANA CAMEROUN AND SENEGAL, and they are all in our employ here in Lagos, Nigeria. Business has been so good, we are preparing to offer benefits, a retirement and 401k plan, and even paid vacations and holidays to our more successful scammers.
The United Nations Anti-crime commission and the Nigerian Government have been totally unsuccessful in stopping us; in fact, the UN has leased us office space and scheduled training classes for us to teach their other Third World nations about our successful scam program.  We're having a seminar at the UN in New York in August, and it's being funded by US taxpayers, thanks to their dubious potus, in return for voter registration cards from all of our scammers, to help get him re-elected.
This email is being directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard disk in our custody here in Nigeria, under the category of "yet to be scammed". 
We have filed a lawsuit with the World Court and in NY state district court to require you to submit to one or more of our scams, because we are every bit as entitled to your money, as your welfare cheats, unemployment cheats, illegal immigrants and other lowlifes who, if not milking your system there, would be potential candidates to join our scam operations, here.  Even your potus agrees that we are entitled to your money.  He recently said that if you started a business, you didn't build it. 
He affirms and agrees with us.  That's why we contribute to his campaign for re-election, via his fundraiser in Switzerland.  Haha.
You are therefore being notified, by us, not to wait until the World Court, the UN, or your own state's district court ORDERS YOU TO SEND US MONEY.  Don't make us have to send Department of Justice activists from your own communities to shake you down in public.  Just contact us with your personal informations, and follow our instructions to send us money.  It's really that simple.
Otherwise, we will have your own system prosecute you for it.  Which, of course, we will enjoy, because as criminals ourselves, we love having top politicians in your own country, and in the UN, do some of our work for us, in return for our illegal votes in your presidential election.  Your democrats are our kind of criminals.
So you are advised to contact the processing officer.  Feel free to contact  the Processing office The Central Bank Of Nigeria .So you are advised to contact the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor with your provided informations required.
Contact Person: Mallam Sanusi Lamido
Provide the information bellow to enable him to debit your bank account:
1) Your full name:
2) Residential address:
3) Phone/fax numbers:
4) Profession:
5) Scan copy of id/age:
Understand that, even if you delete this email, we have send copy of this to your potus, and he will tax you for what you owe us.
We love criminal marxism,
Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde.

Who knows...the potus re-election campaign may copy and paste this scammer email for use in future fund raising.  That wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Mitt Romney for President. We've got to get rid of the worst president we've ever had. We've got to.

Have a terrific day. :)

22 July, 2012 08:55  
Blogger Right Truth said...

Obama's plan to get wedding gifts etc. was a bust apparently. People are not willing to give up some things, ha.


Also I always like those emails that say "if you delete this ...", reminds me of the old chain letters where a hex will be cast upon you if you fail to keep the chain going.

Right Truth

22 July, 2012 09:44  
Blogger Kevin Max said...

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18 April, 2018 08:10  

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