Sunday, April 12, 2009

US 4.....Pirates Nuthin'

Hats off to Captain Richard Phillips, commanding the merchant ship
Maersk Alabama, for putting the lives of his crew ahead of his own, when his ship was initially taken by Somali pirates. Hats off to the crew, who took back the ship. And hats off to the great Americans of the USS Bainbridge, who rescued Captain Phillips, and sent three of the pirates right where the whole lowlife pack of 'em belong. The fourth they captured...well, some ACLU clown will probably try to cry foul on his behalf, but eh. Freedom allows for fools.
Thank God for the greatest Navy in the world, and the men and women of our US Military, the finest on Earth.
Eat your hearts out, Europe.


Blogger Little Lamb said...

YaY us!

12 April, 2009 21:04  
Blogger Debbie said...

The crew is speaking out today and I love them! They want Obama to send in the troops and wipe out these guys, I'm with them.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth</a

13 April, 2009 08:05  
Blogger Seane-Anna said...

Eat your heart out, Europe? Hell, eat your heart out, WORLD!!!!! The American military, when it is allowed to, KICKS ASS!!!!! Go Navy!!!!

13 April, 2009 18:51  
Blogger Serena said...

Navy Seals rule! Alas, the surviving pirate is 16 years old. He'll get a smack on the wrist, no doubt. The Navy ought to take out the whole sorry lot of them.

13 April, 2009 20:17  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

I say "Eat your heart out Europe" because Barry's last "tour de appeasement" there, he basically apologized to Europe for American power. Without American power from 1941 on, Europe would be under jackboots and either a swastika or red hammer. Without American power NOW, Europe's squiffy libs will be overrun with Islamofascism, because Europe HASN'T GOT THE GUTS TO STAND AGAINST IT (unless they start waking up and getting some spines). Look at what's happening with radical Islam in France, the UK, etc these days...they're being slowly consumed by demands for Sharia Law, and they're allowing the demands to trump their own laws and society. THEY ARE ALLOWING IT!!!!

Don't the Somali pirates still hold a ship of Russians? Where's Putin's bluster on that? But I'll tell you who they don't hold a ship of... ;)

14 April, 2009 03:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, hooray to the U.S. military and to the bravery of all involved!!! And thumbs down to the president who thinks we're an "arrogant country." We just showed the world what should be done with terrorists (pirates = terrorists). I'm with you 100%, Skunk!

15 April, 2009 06:58  
Anonymous Nicolas Krebs said...

"Without American power NOW, Europe's squiffy libs will be overrun with Islamofascism" (Skunkfeathers)

This April fool is late, but funny.



31 May, 2009 14:33  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Nicolas: already got your submissive turban?

01 June, 2009 01:47  
Anonymous Nicolas Krebs said...

"Nicolas: already got your submissive turban?" (Skunkfeathers)


10 June, 2009 10:22  

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