Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anatomy of a Russian Bride Scam -- III

Yawp...Anna-Iksana soitently knows that the way to an internet man's heart, is visual. And I note that as I peruse her latest reply, she -- or her handler -- has adapted the general template to some of my last responses.

Just like the previous scamstresses.

Now, she's turning up the heat (or the charm), as her reply is headed: Love Me If You Dare!

Hello my Tiger (pardon me while I join Two Dogs in the corner, barfing). I can so you to name? Thanks for your reply so much!

Again, to the salient portions of her reply, noting how she has shaped the template to fit the previous questions:

- I am ok with your age! Have you heard a saying the older the violin the sweeter the music? My father, he is 58 now, and my mom is 46. You see my mom is much younger than my father and they are very happy together, so you will make me much happy, I think. I like more mature men for me, who know more and care more for me how I like to be cared with.

- I hear so much about how more nice, more caring for women are American men than Russian men. I know as I read you that you are kind, and will much give me happiness, so I am sure of you that is my soulmate here I found (what she said, I think).

She goes on to tell me about her little town (Kondopoga, located near Petrozavodsk); how she takes care of her body by doing aerobics three times a week, swimming twice a week, and walking in the city park; how she has several diplomas from the university in Petrozavodsk, but she likes to do sales work in small shops, where I like not to have think too much, I like work more with people (yeah, babe, leave the thinkin' to your handler).

She gets around to asking me about where I live -- I tell her Cheyenne, Wyoming, home of the big Indian carvings in the middle of town (dunno if they have any such there or not) -- and if there is an international airport nearby, where she can eventually fly to meet me (I tell her that's in Denver, two hours south of Cheyenne).

She goes onto tell me that she will be travelling to Moscow in a few more days, so I can get with travel agency and prepare to come be with my Tiger (awwww, or *gag*, your choice). Finally, she finishes up with this beautifully worded hokum: ok, it time I finish my email. You know I write you from internet cafe (all of your scamstresses do, honey) and it always seems a long time before I write you again. I want to send you now a kiss by the wind to you and if I sent it to the right destinations you should receive it by evening. I wish you to catch and remember my kiss, my dearest.

Are those tears the "awwwww, ain't that sweet" or "ROFLMAO" kind?

Well, after my replies to her various thoughts and comments, I can't help but close my reply to match the sentiment overflowing the knickers here and there, so I'm about to make it worse toward the *gag*side with my reply to that:

Y'know, my velvet rose Iksana, I think I just did catch that warm caress of a kiss on the winds of promise, sweetheart. On those same winds will you one day soon ride a silver bird to our first meeting embrace, whereupon I will replace then, the caring hug that I send you now, on those same winds that are blowing ever stronger, Iksana, with a real hug that will warm you to your soul. Sweet dreams to you, and to your plans and schemes in the coming days, my

Yeah, I know....nauseating. I promise, it's gonna get worse in the next installment, when she broaches the 'L' word for the first time (and in the scheme of this template, right on time). And she'll do it from her last stop before coming to me: Moscow. Or so she says.

Next up: Part IV -- The 'Rat Killing'


Blogger Stacy said...

Pee-yew! I think I just caught a whiff of something on the wind, too.

03 April, 2008 10:09  
Blogger Little Lamb said...

They must really want your money.

03 April, 2008 15:54  

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