Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Artful Scamster Part IV

Employer/employee relations. Let's face facts: some 'employees' just don't appreciate what their employers try to do to/for them.


Not that employer/employee relations are relevant to this: most genuine employers don't hire folks just to dupe them (note I said 'most' LOL). But let it never be said that my artful scamster 'employer', Daniel Djuric, isn't genuine as an employer.

Of duping tactics. He just isn't very good at it, as he's shortly to prove. Again and again.

Knowing what my good dupester has planned for me, he adds to it with his next email by notifying me of yet another 'client package' enroute to the fictitious address of the to-be-artfully-duped Jacques Meehoff, at the 69 Yankpud Way street address in Clodumbia, South Carolina. In a rambling email, he informs me that (a) this is a five part money order, totalling $4750, and that it is coming via Fedex. He further informs me that (b) I am to act on this second money order first, and hold up on the first $4,000 money order that was sent to Jacques via USPS. He then tells me (c) after I deduct my 10% fee, to moneygram the money to his designated representative, rather than use Western Union (it's cheaper, he says). And he provides me with that designated representative's info:

Mike Smith
Ryhovsgatan 355012
Jonkoping, Sweden


And he finishes with a helpful flourish: YOU CAN SEND THE FUNDS IN ANY WALMART STORES AROUND YOU.

How thoughtful, an artful scamster of an employer, giving Jacques an easier and more convenient way to get suckered. All employers should be so accommodating.

As promised in Part III, Jacques decided in his reply to start testing the 'sincerity bond' of employer and employee in this unique situation, by introducing a couple addendums to the original agreement:


It's proving to be a most brisk business you're giving me here. That is most gratifying to know.

Let me make sure I understand the instructions: you want me to wait on the first money order, and prioritize the second, larger money order. You want me to moneygram it from a Walmart near me, to your designated representative in Sweden (lucky bas..guy).

As the ever-loyal and grateful employee in this business of yours, I will make haste to get on it. But first, just a wee little issue I need to run by you (time for my TOING right back at him).

I got to thinking about this great service I'm doing you, letting you use me in the go-between manure you are. Granted, I agreed to this as stipulated. And there is no doubt that I can use the extra income, having six ex-wives and a dozen bratty rugrats to have to support. Supportin' them on turkey inseminating just doesn't get very far. So I really do appreciate this business you're giving me.

That said, I am going to withhold 20%, not the originally agreed-to 10%, from each money order I receive. I think that's fair. Once you agree, I'll get on with the money order parade and get these out in the order you've designated.

I'm sure you'll understand, being yourself an artist and all, and will not begrudge me this small stipend to aid in my financial situation.

Thanks for your understanding in advance.

Daniel wasn't long in replying to that (a little over an hour, in fact):

We have agreed on this before my clientele's send the payments to you, you are a man of honour and I believe you should honour your words/stand by it as agreed before now.the company's rep will be using the funds to acquire some more art works for the company from Sweden. We could make new arrangements on subsequent payments since you want 20% on each transactions, we already have a contract and I don't like breaching contracts because I like keeping to my words.Thanks for letting me know your mind and you are really appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.

And shortly on the heels of that email, came this one:

I want you to take the first set of money orders, encash at your bank first thing Monday morning and send the rest after you might have deduct your 10% as earlier agreed then when you recieve the second money orders you follow the same process..ok.

Jacques sends a prompt reply:

Daniel: So now you DON'T want me to wait on the first money order, but to cash it and then follow up with the second money order when it arrives. I can do that.

However, you apparently didn't understand my last email, so I will clarify: I will be withholding 20%, not the original 10%. I explained my just and sound reasoning for this, and by your willingness to consider this at a future date, I am sure you'll bend to the expedience of advancing that consideration to the present. As a fellow artist, I can feel it in my bones that you understand and will accept this addendum to your giving me this business.

I will be out for the rest of the day, but I assure you that I will act on your shipping instructions at my fee rates with dispatch on Monday. I will next contact you with shipping affirmation.

Not really: Daniel wouldn't know, and I forgot, that Monday was a federal holiday (Presidents' Day), so I had a great excuse for delay, but I digress for a mo'.

Meantime, Daniel demonstrates a flaw trait he shares with many scamsters in his next email:

Ok, since you have already make up your mind that you will be withholding 20% so be it.I will be waiting to hear the details of transfer as soon as you have the first transaction send. Hope to hear from you soon.

Don't you just love an accommodating, pragmatic employer?

Next up: Part V -- I was never good with percentages...or contractual agreements with scamsters...or ex-wives...


Blogger Karen said...

Wow, where can I get an employer like him? LOL Looking forward to Part V.

22 February, 2006 14:27  

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