Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Artful Scamster Part III

We've already discussed the subjectivity of what constitutes art (Part I). At any rate, I shamelessly mined my collected (from a wealth of sources) photo archives for some choice photo art (aka phart) created by more gifted (and better software equipped) artisans than yours truly, and complied with my original promise and Daniel's request:

Daniel: I have sent you a small but very representative sample of my photographic art work (aka, phart), and I hope you are more impressed by it than some so-called art critics were..n't.

This first selection (directly at right) speaks to my taste for classic art, and I modestly call it Mona's Friday Night Fantasy.

I think you'll agree that none of us truly knew Mona.

The second selection (above center) is part of my impressionism collection; this one is called Mugu Introspection. I can tell you it's a hit in the social elite and political circles, without question.

The third selection (top right) highlights my occasions of dabbling into portrait photography: I call this stunning portrait of a truly stunning woman, Beer And Barlight Defiant.

A monk-maker if ever there was one, to be sure.

And finally, the pastry resistance -- which wouldn't be the case if the things were stored in Tupperware -- is from my photo philosophical collection (top left). This one is called A Train of Zen Thought Meets Murphy's Law.


I hope you have enjoyed perusing this collection and drawing from it the inevitable conclusions one might have to draw -- no pun intended -- every bit as much as I have enjoyed your efforts.

I can hardly wait for your feedback.

I figgered this would prove the undoing of my shortest 'employment' ever. Color me amazed:

This is to let you know you got the job and to acknowledge the receipt of the artworks samples you send me. You have strange art, but I am okay with it.

I am expecting a payment from a clientele of mine sometime next week and as soon as the payment is sent and I am informed of it, iwill send you an email of the transit details so that you can be on the lookout for it.Hopefully this will mark the beginning of a good business relationship between us.Have a good day.

His eagerness to overlook obviously faux art led me to do some internet research to see exactly what his scam angle was. Devilishly clever, in the words of Daffy Duck: his ploy is to send the dupee (aka, Jacques) an authentic-looking money order; when the dupee takes it to the bank to deposit it, it clears initially. Thus, there is time for the dupee to Western Union the funds onto the scammer, with the 10% subtracted. Meantime, after a delay (long enough apparently for the scammer to get and cash the WU), the bank comes back to the dupee and lets the dupee know the check was invalid, and they are debiting the dupee's account for the full amount of the check. And, of course, the scammer's email & etc contact numbers in the meantime go phffffft.

At least, that's his plan.

So *rubbing hands together*, 'Jacques' shall await notification that the 'check' is enroute. To the home address 'Jacques' gave on his application. An obviously fictitious address. Before the mailing can be returned (Undeliverable -- Return To Sender), 'Jacques' will acknowledge receipt.

And have some fun with Daniel. By balking at forwarding the balance.

In the words of Sheriff Roscoe P. Coaltrane, "Hot pursuit, geeyuck geeyuck!"

Next up: Part IV (we hope) -- Employee/Employer Relations


Blogger Karen said...

OMG Where did you find those? "Strange art" indeed. You crack me up. Now why would anyone in their right mind say this "strange art" is "OK with me?" then want to give you money for it. Should be interesting...

19 February, 2006 12:24  
Blogger FTS said...

Right now, you have to be wondering what's going through his mind: The weird taste of the American, or the fact he found one *dumb* enough to fall for his scheme. Probably patting himself on the back so hard he came down with tennis elbow.

19 February, 2006 15:52  
Blogger Jona said...

That is a clever scam on their part! Just a shame they can't use their brains to actually earn the money themselves ;o)

Can't wait for part IV!

20 February, 2006 06:03  

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