Sunday, March 5, 2006


Proof -- if any is truly needed -- that not all scams are online, and not all scammers are Nigerian.

Back in late 2003, I received a snail mail with no return address on the envelope. "Probably an ex-goilfriend with something else she thinks she forgot to call me", was my first thought as I pondered the neatly hand-written cursive of the addresser.

Nope: it was something better. An old-fashioned scam letter. The kind one used to get before the proliferation of email and blackberries.

I read it. I smirked at it. I tossed it. Then came the belated *TOING* that usually signifies another bad idea about to escape the mental delete button.


Click the link to what I did with this letter in early '04; if nothing else, it'll show you that the first impulse -- tossing it -- was probably best:

And yes: I really sent this to the persons listed on the letter I received, confident that they'd never find me. Unless you, the reader, were one of them...*TOING*


Blogger Monica said...

I'm back! and trying to stay out of trouble although I see you are still in "trouble" with your scammers!

07 March, 2006 11:41  

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