Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Holiday Randomalities Before And Still Good For 2021

 Some folks have a sprinkling of 'wokes' in the family.

These days, it's easy to piss 'em off.  Truth always works.

Mentioning Trump, vote fraud, COVID fraud, and Rittenhouse acquittal...those too will work.

With some, it's as easy as saying "Merry Christmas".

Thanks to scheduling and other issues, I won't be seeing any of my relatives from the Left side of the tracks this holiday.

I would think that they will consider this to be gift enough from me.

But I thought some holiday randomalities -- interspersed with some recognized current events -- might go good with the season too.


...and with that, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, et al...



Blogger Sandee said...

I linked this to Happy Tuesday, but I'll probably get hammered for it. I try to avoid politics, but it's impossible. So much material.

Love the wine.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ♥

14 December, 2021 11:24  

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