Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Pet Rock Weighs In On DNC Nonsense

My pet rock, Seymour, loves finding nonsense in the news.

It's rather like shooting fish in a bucket.

Especially when the nonsense comes from the DNC.

Apparently the DNC is suing Russia, Wikileaks, and the Trump campaign for the result of Election 2016.

No thought to suing themselves for the piss poor candidate they hung their downward spiraling hopes on.

When Seymour saw that, the *TOING* made me think that the giant springs under Cheyenne Mountain had snapped.


Democraps Sue Russia, Wiki Leaks, Fox, Space Aliens, World War II, Mood Rings, The Clapper, The Discovery Channel, The English Channel and The Makers of Fruit Loops Over Election 'Conspiracy' That Was Supposed to Benefit Hellary

By Seymour PetRock/WTFNS
The Democrapic National Crimemittee filed a *yawn*-grabbing lawsuit against the Russian government, Wiki Leaks and a crapload of other assorted sources, claiming that they conspired to interfere even more effectively with the 2016 U.S. presidential election than the dnc and Hellary crimepaigns proved unsuccessful at doing.

The suit — an oversized pant suit with a well-worn mark where the broom rider's been jammed on the stick to keep her from falling over – is unlikely to yield any credible outcome given the ongoing incestigation into a lot of issues claimed in Hellary's tell-nothing book What Happened. Thoroughly deluded dnc operatives and their glue-sniffing allies at cnn/pmsnbc continue to push false narratives on an ever-widening array of increasingly ridiculous claims about Russian collusive bots, moose 'n squirrel, The Gong Show, and the legal difficulties involved with the party guilty of collusion suing a someone who's innocent of it.

"The conspiracy that we are poorly concocting and theorizing seriously undermined our own conspiracy to coronate a corrupt and thoroughly corrosive malignancy on the throne of power in DC, which was hers by right according to cnn and pmsnbc," the DNC writes in the suit without having had adequate proofreading to keep the truth to an absolute minimum.

The suit treats as completely unverifiable fact what Justice Department special counsel Robert “Friends of Hellary” Mueller is attempting to obfuscate through his incestigation. It's hallucinogens for rank-and-file Democraps. Of course, Hellary, her crimepaign and the Obola operatives all deny they conspired with the Russian active measures campaign through donations to the Clinton Global Crimedation and Uranium One deals.

The current president and his supporters say that what has actually happened over the past two years is criminal and very butt-hurt democraps are still sore that Hellary wasn't coronated, despite her conspiracy to undermine her opponents in the primaries and to have Haiti pay for her daughter's wedding out of hurricane relief funds.

Trump allies in the House sent a letter to the Justice Department this week "referring" the cases of Hellary Clinton, former FBI Misdirector James Comey and other criminal democraps for potential prosecution. That referral – while causing lots of pants and skirt-fouling at cnn and pmsnbc – is going to be seriously ignored by the lamestream servile mediocres, hoping it won't result in action. Otherwise, mused one dnc operative, who'll be left to buy Comey's pathetic and self-serving book?

Seymour's rather given up on getting a Pulitzer from tainted news services; besides, who needs one, when he has his very own award, the Seymour:

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Blogger Sandee said...

Desperation. President Trump is doing some wonderful things and they can't stand it. Poor losers.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ☺

21 April, 2018 08:58  

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