Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Poll The Pols Won't Like

Sometimes, a poll comes out that I honestly love and agree with almost 100%.

And this one is about the 112th  Congress.  In a few days, we'll get one that will likely rate even lower.

The Kardashians and meth labs have a chance at redemption.

In a recent poll by Public Policy Polling in NC, they decided to use a different methodology to rate Congress.  They gave about 800 randomly sampled folks a list of about 26 things to compare with Congress, and which they would rate higher:  the particular 'thing', or the 112th Congress.

The answers probably won't surprise many of you.

I mean, we've already heard that the coming zombie invasion will by pass Washington, DC:  zombies feast on brains, and there aren't any there.

So, while I rate this Congress lower than I rate painful rectal itch or cancer, let's see what 800 of our fellow citizens of randomisity came up with:

Lice are preferred to Congress 67 to 19.
Brussel sprouts beat Congress by a comfortable 69 to 23.
Colonoscopies best Congress 58 to 31.
Root canals whup Congress 56 to 32.
Used car salesmen are better to get screwed by than Congress 57 to 32.

Hold on; it gets worse.  For Congress.

Traffic jams rate higher than Congress by 56 to 34.
The NFL replacement refs genuinely sucked, but apparently no where near as bad as Congress.  The refs won 56 to 29.

The French don't have a particularly high esteem in the eyes of some Americans, but when compared to Congress, the French are preferred by 46 to 37.

I don't know what Nickelback is, and really don't care to waste the time finding out; but whatevr ti is, it beats Congress 39 to 32.  

How many people sampled even know who Genghis Khan was, and what he did?  Doesn't matter, 'cuz he beats Congress 41 to 37. 

Congress will also be chagrined to learn that they lost to Donald Trump (44 to 42), cockroaches (45 to 43) and DC political pundits (37 to 34). 

Congress apparently DID beat a few of the chosen items they were compared to.  For instance, they beat Lindsay Lohan 45 to 41; Congress rated higher than playground bullies, though I would have rated them about even fiscally; but the poll had Congress preferred 43 to 38.  The bullies have some work to do.

So too, telemarketers: they're rated lower than Congress by 45 to 35. 

The Kardashians may have a TV show and Kanye West, but they fare worse against Congress than Lindsay Lohan, with Congress more favored than them by 49 to 36. 

Now the next couple comparators should be even with Congress in disapproval, since one of them is a former member, and some of the others probably are; but it's not easy to be lower than John Edwards, and Congress, try as it might, isn't there yet.  Congress beats him 45 to 29.  Lobbyists have fiscal and alumni ties to Congress, but still get viewed as lower forms of outhouse pit life at 48 to 30.

The 113th Congress hasn't started yet, though.

Now, I don't know what the breakdown was of the 800 persons sampled for this poll; but there couldn't have been very many liberals in the sampling, because Fidel Castro lost to Congress in unpopularity 54 to 32, along with Communism that lost 57 to 23, North Korea 61 to 26, and even meth labs lost 60 to 21.

Clearly, Michael Moore, Danny Glover and Sean Penn weren't part of this survey.

Congress also somehow managed to come out on top of gonorrhea 53 to 28 (the way they screw voters and taxpayers, you'd think more folks would make the connection), as well as Ebola 53 to 25.

But as I said, the 113th Congress hasn't started yet; given time, even John Edwards and gonorrhea can perhaps achieve some measure of redemption.



Blogger Sandee said...

You and I are liking this one about the same. I love all the comparisons, and you're right most of these things I rather have than having to deal with congress.

Have a terrific day. Seymour says hello. He's not so angry this morning. :)

16 January, 2013 09:41  
Blogger Right Truth said...

I saw on the news this morning that the Kardashians were the target of "swatting". This is a new thing to go after celebrities. Swatting started out by Left-wing kooks who would make false police reports via phone on Conservative bloggers. Scary stuff. The cops would break down the door, rushing in, thinking the man of the house was abusing/threatening the wife and kids.

In reality the family would be sound asleep. Then they would have to go to jail, court, financial demands, when the family was guilty of nothing more than being Conservatives.

Now the swatting has been mentioned in the media and cops are more aware of the act and a little more cautious about breaking in on people.

Scary stuff, especially if you have been following the bloggers who were first attacked this way.

Right Truth

19 January, 2013 10:15  

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