Saturday, September 2, 2006

Artful Appendage

Let me be clear as mud here: my latest Nigerian email scammer made no intentional reference to art. Even the art of scamming me wasn't inferred by her, so to speak.

Yet her vague reference to any kind of art here was typical of Nigerian email scams: it was an unintended typo in the salutation.

One I was happy to jump all over.

Read on hyar.


Blogger Herb said...

'Ear, 'ear now!

02 September, 2006 06:32  
Blogger lilfeathers2000 said...

Ah I just gonna forward mine to you. I get tired of playing.

02 September, 2006 06:52  
Blogger Monica said...

I got one Wednesday that said in the name of our Dear Jesus, please help me and gave me instructions for giving them money. I wanted to write back that Jesus was busy at the moment helping a young girl in surgery but I just ignored it. Those are the ones that really make me the maddest though.

02 September, 2006 09:37  
Blogger Karen said...

I would love to respond to these 'ear idiots but I don't have your talent.

Have a great weekend!

02 September, 2006 20:00  
Anonymous cyndy said...

You are so creative in your responses.
I've always been afraid to write back to them believing the little freaks would find me. I think there are a lot of misspellings because they are in a hurry due to the urgency of the switchuashun.

03 September, 2006 08:05  
Blogger sage said...

i ignore those letters and am thankful that spam protection has gotten much better...

I jumped over to your site after reading a comment you made about hiking in the Wind Rivers--I've hiked a lot in the West, but still need to do a Wind River trip one of these years. Can you point me to your post on hiking there?

04 September, 2006 14:11  

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