Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Time To Give, A Time To Heal

As most know by now, a rather vital, vibrant member of the blogisphere has undergone a medical trauma; though by all accounts it could have been much worse. Known to many as she likes to brag as "The Good One", I'm sure her definition, and that applied by her colleagues, friends and family, differ greatly. In her definition, it's tongue in cheek, or so I surmise it; the rest of us -- some by personal knowledge, some by just the sense we have of the her we've come to know in this medium -- know otherwise.

Look in a lot of dictionaries under "good", and her example is there.

Over the more than year and a half I've known of this particular person, she's opened her home to others, opened her life to a legion of bloggers, opened her heart to a fair number therein, and was even willing to give a physical part of herself to another in need. We've lived with her family, through her words, her fears and anxieties, her deep pride and hope that she'd done things the best she could for her three children. Not that one might consider them "children" by conventional sense: one is a youthful veteran of serious health issues, who went on to serve his nation for two tours in a tumultuous war zone; another, with wisdom beyond his years, prepares to follow his dream of serving his country as his older brother did, and more: first as a Marine, and second as a politician, determined to make the world a better place.

And then of course, there is the one...the only...FoN. A child and not, at 15. And let not the nickname fool you: Julia is, by all accounts, every bit as intelligent, focused, deliberate and well-grounded, as her two brothers. And just as her two brothers, whatever she sets her mind to, will happen. Never underestimate a FoN on a mission.

This exceptional lady and mother has, indeed, much to be proud of.

She might even have received a gift beyond her (almost) wildest dreams: a posting on her blog from her Hollywood idol....can't say if it's authentic or not, but at this point who cares and I digress.

Yep, she has many friends and admirers, as can be read daily from those who post to her blog; that counts not those who are genuinely blessed to know her personally, be they long-time friends (even when they're having sports bra issues in public parks) or those of more recent acquaintance, lucky enough to be touched by her incredible self.

And of course, there's ol' Skunk: she loves to 'tease' Skunk. And flirt with Skunk. All in good fun, with a genuine wish that ol' Skunk one day finds...well...y'know: his own Barbara Feldon ;-) Something ol' Skunk will debate with her about whether he's really deserving of or not, but that's for another, better time.

Just now, ol' Skunk adds his prayers to those from the multitude of folks who know and adore this fine, incredible woman. She who has always asked for our prayers for others, wouldn't ask now for ours. She wouldn't have to, even if she were of a mind to.

Few I know in this life are more deserving, period.

Lastly, the ol' Skunk has one admonition for this tenacious, head-strong lady of formidable faith and persistence: there's a time to give, and a time to heal. Now's your time to heal. Let others, recipients of your faith, love and friendship now step up, just as you have to/for them, countless times.

In uddah woids, sit down, rest, relax, and RECOVER. FULLY. COMPLETELY.

Consider that an order, Monica.

With luv from your friend,

(and, of course, a host of others)


Blogger Karen said...

Well said, I agree COMPLETELY!!! What a beautiful post; she is awesome, isn't she?! Now she better take this time for HER and HER only. She's precious to many people.

12 August, 2006 20:07  
Blogger Ms. Vickie said...

That was well said and seeing as you are the friend she claims to have known longest from here just maybe she will listen
to you. One can always hope for we know what we deal with in this head stong one. She is one awesome lady and you said it
well. Thank you Skunk. She is precious to so many and now it is her turn to allow us to be there for her.

12 August, 2006 20:33  
Blogger Monica said...

Thank you for the lovely post, Skunk. How sweet. The boys have been white knights and the FofN has definitely had a mission...taking care of me. They've been the absolute best. Have a great day. :)

13 August, 2006 09:32  
Anonymous cyndy said...

I just learned about Monica by reading Karen and Vickie's blog. What a great lady.
You are cool even if you are skunky smelling

13 August, 2006 16:29  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Hear, hear! Or, as you might say, hyar hyar. Get well real quick, Monica!

13 August, 2006 22:59  
Blogger Presente said...

Is in your blog some post about Dylan? I thought I saw it

14 August, 2006 00:58  
Blogger Presente said...

I found it, thanks anyway, good blog : ) bye

14 August, 2006 01:01  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Amen! Great post!
My thoughts and prayers are with Monica.

15 August, 2006 16:12  
Blogger Teresa said...

What a great tribute to my friend and yours, Monica. She gave us all quite a scare.

16 August, 2006 07:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skunk titled it: A Time To Give, A Time To Heal

...and what followed was some combination of an "ode", "ballad" or just a wonderful tribute to a friend.

But it is that heading that was so perfect.

The friendship Monica and I have is rooted in..wellll, hometown roots. From there it becomes Texas in general and Southern in essence.

And a Texan...born and bred in Southern ways...knows instinctively just when and where it is appropriate to kid and tease, hug and kiss, or just say say something nice and special.

For everything there is a season...

Love you, Monica, my friend. This is the time to say that...

This is Randy aka Texas Reb from USA Deep South. Howdy there, Skunk.

26 August, 2006 14:09  

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