Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dances With Storms


So far, June's annual severe weather serve-up and my days off just aren't clicking. Take today: here's a good chance for severe weather on the Colorado Eastern Plains (including the Denver Metro, under and just above the "expected" in the box commentary).

And I have to work (6p-6a...ack).

To the weather gods I say Pbbbbbbbbbbt on your timing.

All I have to show for this season is a couple of backside storm photos, taken on a day I was told there wouldn't be any.

I'm not living right. But I already knowd that ;-)

If/when my schedule and the weather gods come to agreement, perhaps there'll be Tornado Chasing for Dummies IV.


Blogger poopie said...

I missed out on one went to the North!

11 June, 2006 14:19  
Anonymous Stacy said...

Seems like an odd thing to wish for, but hey, I hope you cross paths with a tornado soon!

11 June, 2006 19:18  
Blogger Raggedy said...

erm, umm, you want a tornado? Well good luck with that then. I don't like night shifts either. Did you already go through books I, II, and III?

Have a wonderful week!

11 June, 2006 22:12  
Blogger Herb said...

Happy twister hunting.

12 June, 2006 04:59  
Blogger Cow Lady said...

I'm sorry to say that I dont think your pet rock Seymour is missing tornado chasing very much...he has been a real hit at the bar this last weekend. First, he and Jane did a Buddhist pilgrimage, and then they hung out at the Moooo! Bar all day Sunday. Check out his photos at

12 June, 2006 05:28  
Blogger Monica said...

I missed a big storm out on the lake by 2-3 days! I know there's a touch of stormy weather available in North Carolina from time to time...that's all I'm saying.

12 June, 2006 09:34  
Blogger Karen said...

Sounds like you're getting the same storms we had - they were WONDERFUL!! :-D Temps dropped to 55-60 and we got a lot of rain. I wish it would have stayed a while longer.

When you figure out how to live right, let me know how you do it ;-)

12 June, 2006 10:50  
Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Are we supposed to wish severe storms on you? Thats... different. ;-)

13 June, 2006 05:11  

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