Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Pet Rock Weighs In On Words

Since having awarded hisself a Seymour for editing email scams, Seymour has been seeking other venues for his editing prowess.

Thanks to Mandy Connell on KOA 850 in Denver, he found it:  her recent expose on the jack wagon loaded word becoming coveted by race-baiting leftists, intersectionality.

I looked up its origin and meaning...and what comes as no surprise, it's been around since 1989, concocted by a leftist fauxintellectual anemic, and meant to further divide people by sex, class, color, privilege...anything that the left can use to erode unity.

Which made it perfect fodder for Seymour:

Made-Up Word We're Laughing At: Intersectionality

What happens when leftist college anemics have too much time and meth on their hands

Update: This word has been recognized as full of inert compost since 1989.

It's been around since the late 1980's but intersectionality is a word that's new to many of us. Hypersensitive nincompoops on the left tried and are trying again to use it to refer to the made-up way that the effects of different forms of discrimination (such as racism, sexism, tweeter and wooferism) combine, overlap, and get severely overused on fake news networks like cnn and pmsnbc, to make excuses for the low informationed and illegal immigrants, among others.

Intersectionality—the latest made-up jack wagon load of inert compost, is meant by leftist nincompoops to further milk discrimination for their own personal and ideological ends.

Lately the word seems to be popping up everywhere:

"Le Douche Nozzle is the authority on intersectionality – the cockamamie ways in which identities (race, gender, sexuality) go into clusterf**k mode in Leftard Land" — Take A Letter Maria, 7 Jan. 2016
… "an examination of two cars achieving intersectionality, which mandates that the full breadth of accident investigation include technology discrimination, which is a thing that need be acknowledged and embraced" — Yugo Forkyouself, Moron.Arg, 10 Dec. 2015

The term was coined by legal drop out Cardigan Fluke in a 1989 essay that asserts that antiEm failed to address the experiences of Dorothy in a Kansas tornado that put her in a land almost weirder than San Francisco. Fluke flatulently postulates that "[b]ecause the intersectional experience of girl in house and tornado is greater than the sum of cnn's abject stupidity and politics of ism, any analysis that does not take intersectionality of witches on bicycles and flying monkeys into account cannot sufficiently address the particular manure in which cnn's ratings have totally tanked."

Though originally applied only to the ways that sexism and racism combine and overlap, intersectionality has been stretched, twisted, milked and blurred to include just about anything non- sequitur as well, because most low information leftists have no idea what it means, but that it must mean something, what with as many syllables as it has.

Along with the noun, intersectionality has come the related adjective intersectional douchery:
… "political douchery is intersectional—a well-educated conservative person will have a different set of life experiences than a low informationed meth-using welfare cheat avoiding ICE in Kaliforlornia "… — Mehak Hairball, BusStop, 6 Jan. 2016

Intersectionality isn't a term without controversy. Educated people recognize it as another made-up leftist psychobabble term meant to woo and confuse the ill-educated audience of cnn. Leftists respond by pointing at Melania Trump and accusing her of meddling in the 2016 elections on Uranus, because she's Russian; not to mention – but they will anyway – that her husband had two scoops of ice cream, and this is somehow privilege intersectional lactose discrimination on some peculiar level, worthy of a congressional hearing, chaired by Maxipad Waters.

In short, leftist abject nonsense and childish resentment – in the form of intersucktionality – is here to stay, too.

Since Seymour awarded hisself a Seymour award for editing, he no longer covets a Pull My Fanger award for this kind of editing.


Sounds like he already won one...

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