Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Skunky - XIV

If not my theme song, it should be: storm chasing, scam-baiting, verbiage slaughtering, life-long bachelor, owned by a pet rock...yawp. If they're not yet coming to take me away, it won't be long...

Before I get to the gist of Dear Skunky XIV, here's some statistical stuff for you statisticians out there, who love this kind of numerological crap:

From May 1-May 31, I received (in one email account) a grand total of 127 email scams. That's not a typo. And yes, that was only in one email account. I have three others that receive scams, including the Russian bride scammers.

Of those 127 scam emails from May, they broke down as follers: 47 informed me that I had 'won' some kind of online lotto; 21 offered me 'jobs'; 11 were of the phishing variety; the remaining 48 were the general 419 type of offering me a percentage of millions, to help them get mythical money moved.

Of all of those email scams from this one account, I only replied to four. That's right: only four.

No, I'm not becoming an email scam snob. It's not that so many of these email scams are generally repetitive, and become boring and redundant after a time. Well okay, so they are. But in the month of May -- after having had an overabundance of some of the stupidest scammers this side of Uranus, or anyone elses' in April -- I decided to look for some different angle. And out of 127 examples, I found four, and only four, of exactly what I was looking for.

I knew that none of these four would result in any extended correspondence with the scammers; the affect of my intended reply to the scammers would see to that, I was reasonably certain. I wasn't disappointed.
But for the month of May, I decided to cue in on the title of the email. Especially if it were a stupid f***ing typoed title. Alas, I only had four contestants for the month of May, out of 127 registrants. Perhaps if I'd advertised this better, some of the others might have deliberately typoed, just to get a shot at a Dear Skunky appearance.

Maybe next time.

So, let's get onto the four contestants for May:

Contestant #1: Mr. Ken Johnathan (, who simply wanted me to engage in a "lucrative business deal worth 12.5 million pounds". This was sent me under the email title, LAXATIVE BUSNESS POOPOSAL!!!

Either a very bad typo, or this dude's got a nicely twisted sense of ironic humor.

My reply was as short as his email: Wanker, what the bloody heck do I do with a "laxative busness pooposal? 12.5 million pounds of crap??? That's what you're bloody offerin' me, mate? Bugger off!

Bet he corrects that email header next time.

Contestant #2: Issa Bello ( is another of those Burkina Fatso bankers, who wants my hep in moving funds of a daid customer from his bank. The guy's a piker, as the amount involved is only $4.3 million US; but his email title is sorta amusing: Urchin Respond Needed

Whadda I look like here, Red friggin' Lobster?

Yousa Bellow,

If you want an urchin to respond, write to a friggin* orphanage or aquarium. That's where you'll bloody find urchins, you third world moron. Don't you wogs learn anything about spelling, geography or biology? How the fork* can you be a bank president of anything other than an outhouse, with such abysmal ignorance?

* uncolorful metaphor substituted for what actually wuz sent hyar...

Contestant #3: Ladd. D. Arap ( has $76 Million US in gold, ensconced in a security company in the UK, and needs the help of a reliable "ferigner" to access it. This whole email is worse than that of a first grade class in Georgia, which is comparable to a class of high school seniors in the Denver Public Skools, but it's the email title that takes the cake: Pleese i need your assistant

No problem with this reply:

You can have my assistant. I never liked the fat little bastard anyway.

And finally, Contestant #4: Dr. Nasiru Ibrahim ( is also a banker from Burkina Fatso, but at least he offers me more money than that other cheap twit ($22 Million US). But he does so under the most non sequitur email title: URGERNT ATTENNA!


* limited to Burkina Fatso moronic bankers of dubious antecedence who have the brain of a door knob and don't know how to spell "urgent" or "attention".

So, who do you, the readers, think wins the heretofore unannounced contest for email title of May, 2008? Is it Contestant #1, #2, #3, or #4? Vote in comments, please. Voting closed by next posting (on or around June 13, 2008; all rights debatable).


Blogger jenniferw said...

I think "Urchin Respond" should get it. And that post literally made me spit coffee out my nose. Just so you know. I was laughing that hard. Thanks for that.

13 June, 2008 10:27  
Blogger Stacy said...

You must be a freakin' scam magnet. I don't get that many scam emails in an entire year.

13 June, 2008 10:30  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Jennifer: your vote for #2 is logged. Perhaps I should post a caffeine nasal prohibition warning on the blog. I'll look into it.

Stacy: I currently have four email accounts receiving scams. I'm about to open a 5th. Were I making money at this, I'd be a billionaire ;)

13 June, 2008 12:03  
Blogger Jack K. said...

If you were a billionaire, you could train your assistant and wouldn't be tempted to get rid of the fat little bastard. lmao

As for these kind of contests, I do like them. I vote every week at fuzziechadsrule . I recommend it to all who need a lift early in the week. Or later for that matter.

Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything while reading this posting.

For the vote, it is difficult.

My vote goes to #4. If you can find a photo of an Urgernt antenna let me know what it looks like. lol

13 June, 2008 13:47  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Jack: on paper (based strictly on the email money offers I've received from scammers in the past 8 years), I am a billionaire. Asset-wise, I live check-to-check.

I think I prefer the paper ;)

Okay, one vote for #2 and one for #4. I'll cast my vote at the end.

13 June, 2008 15:02  
Blogger Debbie said...

You should ad "scam/spam magnet" to your theme song.

"There coming to take me away,
ha ha, ho ho, hee hee, "

15 June, 2008 11:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contestant #1 has my vote. Anyone in the laxative pooposal business has money to flush. Shirley they wouldn't mind parting with a big chunk of it.

15 June, 2008 20:57  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Only #3 hasn't yet gotten a vote. Guess y'all don't want me to give away my fat little bastard assistant?

Seymour, you've still got a job...

16 June, 2008 03:23  
Blogger NedaAnn said...

Oh I must vote for the "laxative busness pooposal", because if it was intentional or not that is clever.

16 June, 2008 13:57  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

Well, I voted for #3, guess 'cuz I like the underdawg. But, in the end...#1 wins.

17 June, 2008 03:20  

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