Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day and Enya

Perhaps you're wondering how I'm going to correlate the two. Then again with me being single, it doesn't matter if I pull it off or not; it's my dog house, whether I'm in it or not.

Back in '05, I listed a twenty-five favored-songs list of mine, wherein the late and adored Karen Carpenter figured highly. Approaching 24 years after she left us prematurely, I can still sit back in a mellow mode, put her music on, close my eyes and imagine she's singing just to me.

Which isn't hard for me to do; remember, I imagine I have a talking pet rock and plutonium snow shovel. Where it's a physical stretch, I have my limits; where it's a mental stretch, I have almost none.

When it's mellow music listening time, I can have that reach with Enya, too. When she sings over my music system, it's just to me.

We can discuss deluded imaginations another time.

Her Watermark and Day Without Rain albums are my two favorites of hers so far; songs like A Day Without Rain, Only Time, Pilgrim, Sunset Dreams and Watermark really hit the spot when I want to mellow down and do a wee bit of escaping from whatever it is I feel the need to escape from. But there is one song in particular on her album from 2000, A Day Without Rain, that, every time I hear it, touches me the same way that listening to Karen Carpenter's For All We Know or It's Yesterday Once More does: I melt. This particular song is titled and sung -- as some of her selections are -- in Irish, or so I gather. The song is Deora ar mo chori:

Ba dheas an la go oiche
Na glortha binne I mo thaobh
'S aoibhnease I gach ait gan gruaim
Athas ar mo chroi go deo

Ma shiulaim o na laetha beo
An ghrain 's an ghealach ar mo chul
Nil uaim ach smaointe o mo shaoil
Deora ar mo chroi go bron

It's short. Simple. And penetrates to the soul, like a soothing caress. Just the kinda song I could sit and listen to while melting with a Valentine ;-)

For those of you what have 'em...the next move is yours. And no, that's not an invitation; I'm still on the shelf.

At any rate, that's my correlation and I'm sticking to it.


Blogger Herb said...

I heard that she was singing to you and has this huge crush on you. I can't say where it was I heard it, maybe it was one of the voices...I'm going to take my meds now.

14 February, 2007 04:27  
Blogger Skunkfeathers said...

It was probably one of the voices I hear when heavily fuelled on caffeine and egg rolls...

14 February, 2007 05:17  
Blogger Monica said...

Hmmm...you realize by so emphatically claiming to NOT be the father, you're probably on someone's radar for sure now. Geez, Skunk.

Ok, this is what I want from you for Valentine's. (What? You thought you were free of me for that? NOPE.)

No mention of coffee from Feb. 21 to April 8. Your scam letters...feel free. Your women of question or not...feel free. But no coffee...comprende?

14 February, 2007 08:49  
Blogger Karen said...

Karen Carpenter was a great singer and she's missed. I used to listen to her (and her brother) growing up. I don't have any of Enya's CDs but I have the "Only Time" on a soundtrack and it is such a beautiful song.

Music is good for the soul...

Happy Valentine's day, my friend!

14 February, 2007 10:51  
Blogger Vickie said...

Karen Carpenter was more than a great singer---she actually saved my life. It was the day she died that I called a physician and said I need to see you----his response don't come to the office, goto the Emergency Room. I was admitted to the hospital where I was for six weeks---with and admission weight of 72 lbs. From the ER to ICU I went.

It was her death that convinced me that even if I did have bulimia I was not ready to die.

Yep Karen Carpenter has a beautiful voice and I loved her music I will always be thankful that her death sent me for medical care.

I did not suffer as she did I had been on the receiving end of a quack surgeon---because I did want to lose weight.

Sorry I did not plan to share it all here but a lot of memories came back.

14 February, 2007 20:36  
Blogger Raggedy said...

Thank you for sharing. Karen lives on through her music. I love her songs and still listen to them. Adriano is to me what Enya is for you so I can relate.
I hope you had a great Valentitne's day!

15 February, 2007 08:45  

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