Tuesday, January 3, 2006

The X (Skier) Files

Colorado ski country USA. Having a banner year, with incredible amounts of snow across all of the well-known Colorado ski resorts, with more falling as I type. Base amounts up to/beyond 100" in some cases. A boon to the Colorado ski industry, Colorado tourism, and the summer of '06 water supply.

Great news on the water end of things; I hate drinking reservoir dust and the catfish dung that lurks therein.

Phffffft on the rest.

Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against tourism or the ski industry. They both have their uses. Just not for me.

*smattering of gasps in the audience* yes, I live in Colorado. Have since 1971. And yes, I am not your average Coloradan: I don't ski. I don't snort coke in Aspen, either, but I digress.

My reasons are my own (for not doing either), but you might get a sense for a couple of them by perusing the illustration (above) and the linked column (from '03):



Blogger Karen said...

I've lived in Utah my whole live, and 20 minutes away from a ski resort and I don't ski *gasps* I cross country skied once and spent the majority of the time falling on my rump.

On other skiing, the idea of cruising down the hill with slabs of waxed sticks on my feet and nothing but two poles in my hands with all those trees and other people to run into, not being able to stop would not be a good idea. I like to live. I am a klutz and my parents should have named me Grace.

Now, sitting inside the lodge in front of a roaring fire, getting toasted sounds great to me. LOL

03 January, 2006 18:33  
Blogger Monica said...

I live in Texas but I don't lasso the bulls...(I do like to watch the cowboys in their jeans and pick em up trucks).

Take care.

04 January, 2006 07:06  
Blogger FTS said...

I absolutely love to ski! The wind rushing in my face, the thrill of speed, the feel of snow in my ski suit when I fall...

Oh I can't wait. Save me some snow, will ya?

04 January, 2006 15:43  
Anonymous TSB said...

I am hoping to do a short ski trip to Summit county sometime in March.....I can't wait.

05 January, 2006 08:25  

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