Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Your Chinese Astrological Forecast: 2006

Astrology. Horoscopes. Psychics.

Whatever you believe, one thing here is a dead certainty: I'm none of the above.

If I were, I'd know what you're thinking.

As you've noticed of late, I've been in a period of resurrecting and updating assorted columns of mine from past years. As 2005 fades into a new year, I will do so once again, with the focus on that very subject: the New Year, and your Chinese Astrological Forecast for the upcoming year.

I first researched this subject and ran my 'definitive' *snort* column on the subject in 1999; having not been sued for individual failures of the forecasts then to fail to materialize, I've thrown the dice, updated and re-run the forecasts in 2002, and 2004-05.

For those of you who believe in this stuff, I do it to entertain, pseudoeducate and fauxprepare you for the upcoming newest of New Years. In this case, 2006.

For those who don't believe in this stuff, I hope they merely find it as amusing and patently absurd as they found it (and me) to be in previous years/weeks/columns.

Follow the below link to Part I (of IV); at the conclusion of each part you'll find a link to the next in the series.

Happy New Year (despite what you read herein)!



Blogger Karen said...

That was interesting, I do find it fun to see how close the Chinese Astrology describes traits in me as well as friends and loved ones. Some are right on, others not.

Now for HORROSCOPES, they're right once in a blue moon for me, the daily predictions. But the astrological chart I had done a few years ago, described me almost to the T.

I like reading horroscopes for entertainment only, I enjoy laughs.

20 December, 2005 14:27  
Anonymous TSB said...

I can't wait for part 2......

21 December, 2005 06:41  
Blogger Monica said...

hey, I was always told I was a rabbit and I don't like the bad karma thing...I think there's someone you need to meet. LOL.

21 December, 2005 11:31  
Blogger FTS said...

All this cosmic karma sounds like an astrological twelve step program. ;)

Anyway, at least I know I'm going to have a fetching year in '06. Heh -- even a blind dog finds a bone now and then. ;)

21 December, 2005 17:53  

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