Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Year In Literature

Someone once said "you are what you read".

If literally true, I'm screwed. Worse yet, I don't care.

In 2005, I managed to fit some reading (and re-reading in one case) into my unbusy schedule. As an unaspiring humor writer with all the motivation of a constipated bowel nonmovement, you might think I'd occupy my reading time with things related to my craft (aka, see how the real humorists do it, etc).

For the most part, you'd be wrong, at least as far as books go.

The following is my complete, unabridged list of books read for 2005. I hope to cover at least 15 books in '06; I might have to give up my once-a-week philosophical discussions with my pet rock Seymour/Plato to achieve that, but I digress.

At any rate, and to totally bore those of you who drop by, my list for 2005:

Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose

Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose

Pegasus Bridge by Stephen Ambrose

The Supreme Commander by Stephen Ambrose

The Ghost That Died At Sunda Strait by Walter Winslow

The Forgotten War: America in Korea 1950-1953 by Clay Blair, Jr.

Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William L. Shirer (the re-read)

Colder Than Hell by Joseph R. Owen

Line Of Departure by Martin Russ

The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw

A National Party No More by Zell Miller

But, so's you don't think I totally eschew (gesundheit) humor material, my last book of 2005 -- and shortly to be a blog entry book review, with the bemused agreement of the author:

How To Survive A Robot Uprising by Daniel H. Wilson

This last book's got Seymour and Jane in an uproar, but more on that in the review entry.


Blogger phoenix said...

Not my type of reads but it is all in what satisfies your mind :)


30 December, 2005 06:39  
Anonymous TSB said...

I read Stephen King and Anne Rice and Diana Gabaldon. All pure fantasy and scary crap. I do try to pick up a financial book or some business reading in between but they tend to bore me quite quickly. I love David Baldacci too. I stopped reading romances when I was 17 and figured out that it's the pures form of crap fantasy available. LOL

30 December, 2005 08:07  
Blogger Karen said...

Hmm, sounds interesting... LOL Is it anything like Robot the movie? ;-)

30 December, 2005 12:51  
Blogger FTS said...

Most of my reading this year has been in the form of blogs. If I put them end-to-end, they'd reach, well... they'd go a long way.

I'm still wondering if that's a good thing or not. ;)

30 December, 2005 13:49  

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