Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tort Named Sue

With everything going on in the world, it's good to know that stupid people can still hire stupid lawyers and file stupid lawsuits.

From a recent Yahoo News posting came the story of an investment banker who is suing the White Castle restaurant chain because he can't fit his 290 pound ass into a booth in his local facility.

This fits -- see what I just did there? -- along with people who call 911 because their local McDonalds ran out of Chicken McNuggets when they wanted some.

Stories like this tend to make you think the world has gone McNuts. But truth be told, a segment of the world has always been so.

Some other lawsuit whoppers I've heard of down the years:

- a former NBA cheerleader and MENSA non-candidate sued a mom-pop grocery store, after she bought a container of contraceptive jelly there, and then had sex and got pregnant. The rest of that story: she sued the store because (a) the product was too close to the food section (b) she didn't read the directions for use of the product because she was sexually aroused at the time and "who has time to read the directions at a time like that?" and (c) she made toast and put the jelly on that, consuming it before having sex. *BUZZZZZZZZER*

I can see how this would cause the mom and pop grocery to have liability: they should have anticipated stupid customers like a former NBA cheerleader, and posted a gimongus sign over the product that said "THIS CONTRACEPTIVE JELLY SHOULD NOT BE PUT ON TOAST AND EATEN BEFORE HAVING SEX, SINCE BEING SEXUALLY AROUSED NEGATES TAKING THE TIME TO READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE ON THE PRODUCT".

- a man sued a Califorlornia marina because as he was proposing to his girlfriend there, a pelican flew over and crapped on him. Despite the fact that this was coastal Califorlornia, and pelicans are in ample abundance there, the man asserted that the marina should have posted warning signs about flying pelicans and rogue bathroom habits of same. *BUZZZZZZZZZZZZER*

Yeah, the marina probably should have posted a sign that warned of fowl bathroom habits by local aquatic birds. Nature isn't second nature to the dim-of-mind, and anyone working in and living in one of the nannyist of nanny states should have anticipated something like this....*gag*

- in Virginia, some real bright CFC bulb sued himself, claiming he'd violated his own civil rights and religious beliefs by getting drunk and winding up in jail. *BUZZZZZZZZZZZER*

I never figured out how he was going to seek redress from the court on this compensatory and punitive damages from himself?

- a woman sued a Hollyweird movie studio because their haunted house that she voluntarily went to see was "too scary".

You stupid Hollyweird movie studios. You should KNOW how scary you are, and have a 10 page waiver in legalese, granting you indemnification from being held harmless, if someone stupid enough to enter your house of horrors and not expect to get scared, gets scared.

- a rapist sued a hospital for failing to prevent him from raping a patient in the hospital. *BUZZZZZZZZZER*

Yeah, personal responsibility and accountability has no place in civil society today.

- a guy sued a famous basketball player AND a famous sports shoe maker because he resembled the basketball player. He claimed having people mistake him for the famous basketball player caused him "defamation, permanent injury, mental pain and suffering". *BUZZZZZZZZER*

Does that mean that I can sue the bad movie director who stole my name, and made the abomination of a movie Pearl Harbor? I mean, I get asked about that movie, and even had three phone messages from some dingbat in Ohio, who wanted me to cast her and her daughter in my next movie. I should have felt such mental anguish, defamation and personal injury over that.

Perhaps I'd get around to it, if it didn't make me laugh. *DOH*..I guess I should sue myself for violating my civil right to be offended by finding humor in the absurd, and not seek a legal remedy instead!

Or might my pet rock, Seymour, seek a stupid lawyer to represent him agin' me for having used him at one time as a door stop?

Since a lawyer once tried to represent the rights of sand in an ecological lawsuit, I reckon I shouldn't laugh too loud about that notion...*slowly losing the battle not to laugh h'yar*



Blogger Eva Gallant said...

The Cheerleader was the best one!! lol

15 September, 2011 07:56  
Blogger Andy said...

Skunks, I think my favorite one was the lawyer that sued the dry cleaners for (don't remember the figure, but it was in the six of 'em) losing his pants...even after they bought him a new pair of pants.

That was an odd, odd story that I'm sure you remember.

15 September, 2011 09:16  
Blogger Sandee said...

I like the former cheerleader and the idiot that got pooped on by a pelican. Bwahahahahahaha. They walk among us and they breed.

Have a terrific day. :)

15 September, 2011 12:49  
Blogger SueAnn said...

OMG!! They do live among us!! I tremble that these people may actually gain a position of power some day! Yikes!!
And I sure with you would quit taking my name in vain!!! I mean, seriously.
Why does my name have to be linked with lawsuits anyway??
Grinning here

16 September, 2011 06:10  
Blogger Serena said...

Oh, Lord, there are so many idiots out there. These tortious examples are hilarious!:)

16 September, 2011 16:52  
Anonymous wedding photographer lubbock, tx said...

I think the stupid among the rest was the stupid cheerleader. What a dumb person. The next is the guy with a Pelican issue. Ha ha. Super
"LIKE". I enjoy reading your article. (grins*)

02 December, 2011 19:10  

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