Thursday, November 3, 2005

The 419 Files: A "Sithole" In Progress -- An Update

When last I made mention of this particular 419 scammer -- improbably named Joseph Sithole -- thing were left with my second reply to his effort to give me the business, and a week of silence had settled in. He had left me with a series of questions of a personal nature to answer, and I had done so, without any further communication.

A week of silence punctuated by personal issues of the most annoying kind, but I digress.

Despite that, a good counterscam simply couldn't be let go, at least not without one last effort on my part. So Dr. U. R. Phulovit wrote back to (disclaimer: the name of the subject, adjusted for the purposes of my response and planned climax of this counter scam, will be used henceforth; those with politically correct sensitivities might bear this in mind) Joseph Shithole, letting him know a reply was required, or I'd consider his effort to give me the business at an end.

That was the cattle prod that got the herd moooving.

Any replies of his I quote will be in italics; my quoted responses will be in bold.

(Here we start with Shithole's belated reply and explanation): am very sorry that I did not get back to because i want to have a meeting with the bank on how to transfer the money into your account. So this is the out come of the meeting the banker told me that you have to pay US $1250 for changing of the owership on your name so that the money will be on your name.So get back to me so that i will inform you how to send the money so tht we can procced the transfer immediately.

(and my reply): Mr. Shithole, now I see we get to the rat killing. You provide me with the information necessary, and I will see to the required steps that result in your being rewarded with a pot at the end of the rainbow. Guaranteed. I have, and so should you, great confidence that things will turn out in a manure exactly as they should.

(Mr. Shithole is most enthusiastic in his reply; so much so, he forgets some key information): thanks for your mail. Please i will like you to send this money so that we can procced the transfer because i meet my attorney he told me that he is going to send you the documents of this money. So please do not delay to send the money for the change of owership to your name. Use this name: Christorpher Okoye.

(in his excitement, Shithole forgot to tell me where to send the money; but I'll go lightly..)

Mr. Shithole: I thank you for your expedience. I am, however, a touch cornfused: you tell me to use the name Christorpher Okoye. Am I to use this name, or is this whom I send the money to? Secondly, if it is whom I send the money to, you have neglected to tell me how to send the money to this person, let alone where this person is.

Soon as we have this straight, I'll attend to it. Your pot at the end of the rainbow grows closer with each successful communique.

(Mr. Shithole now corrects his omission...sort of): Thanks for your mail. As i told you before that am refegue. So this name is my attorney assistance so fill free to help me and also try to send the money so that we can procced the transfer immediately. As soon as you send the money try to send the information that use to send the money so that i can take the money out. THE NAME IS CHRISTORPHER OKOYE ADDRESS 54 SMITH JHB SOUTH AFRICA

Thanks and God blees you.

(I have little doubt that God will blees me for this; now to build up his anticipation)

Mr. Shithole: Okay, I will go back over our full correspondence, and will send the fee to whom you direct. Soon, my good Shithole, you'll receive your pot at the end of the rainbow. Succor is coming.

Dr. U. R. Phulovit

Shortly I shall dispatch Mr. Shithole both his payment and his pot at the end of the rainbow; next excerpt ;-)


Blogger Karen said...

You make me laugh! It blows my mind that these people think we're stupid enough to fall for the scams. Oh wait, not everyone is as smart as they should be. Just look at the warnings on hair dryers.

I hope you're feeling better!

04 November, 2005 12:00  
Blogger FTS said...

Shall we all pool our Monopoly money, or will you be using Confederate currency?

05 November, 2005 07:01  
Blogger phoenix said...

Hope you are ok :) Not heard from you and no posts. Hugsssss

06 November, 2005 07:11  

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