Monday, February 8, 2021

The 'Wokes' Have Achieved Sandpoundingly Stupid Status

The "sheep wokers" of the Left have just achieved a new low:  they have declared that "white" Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning Super Bowl 55 during Black History Month, is racist.

*phonograph needle scratching across record*

Yes...a bunch of these abject nincompoops are on assorted social media, all parroting the same sandpoundingly stupid refrain.

Tom Brady is racist because he won a Super Bowl during Black History Month.  

In case you don't believe that the Left is capable of that level of abject stupidity, take a gander at this:

Tom Brady Called “Racist” For Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month – Summit News

Apparently he was supposed to -- after getting to the crowning achievement game of the season -- roll over and play dead so Patrick Mahomes could have his 'reparations'.

If not the excuse for the next round of riots to loot and pillage in the interests of 'fairness', I suppose the communist minds of blm will demand the nfl reverse the game results and hand it to KC.

Much as the nfl has reduced itself in the face of false narratives and fear of 'woke' indignation, I kinda doubt that the league is that far gone.

Well...I only kinda doubt it.

I have seen it pointed out -- and I quite agree -- that it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that won the Super Bowl.  Tom Brady was not an unimportant part of that victory.  But he was one of a team of 53 players and more supporting cast -- coaches, etc -- that made it all happen.

Last time I checked, there are quite a few stand-out black players on the Buccaneer roster.  Do the sheep wokers consider them race traitors?

As I said...sandpoundingly stupid.

Now...I am no Tom Brady fan. Neither his previous team nor the 'Bucs were or are the teams I followed for years.  That said, it's awfully hard to denigrate and ignore what Brady has achieved:  playing in twenty-one seasons of professional football, making it to ten Super Bowls, and being on the winning team in seven of them.  Seven.

Add to that being voted the Most Valuable Player in five of those seven victories.

No QB in history has achieved that.  Not Montana.  Not Bradshaw.  Absolutely none of the greats from the past have done that. I seriously doubt anyone will ever come close to doing it again.

Awesome as the team of Brady and Belichick were together, Brady proved he could win with a whole different team.  Belichick watched him do it from the sidelines, or wherever he watched the game from.

What Tom Brady achieved had absolutely NOTHING to do with the idiotic notion of 'white privilege' or racism.  The so-called 'wokes' who are parroting that crap are some of the dumbest jackasses on the planet.

Any planet.  Even Uranus hasn't denizens that stupid.

What Brady does after this seemingly crowning achievement is entirely up to him.  He certainly has nothing left to prove in the sport of professional football.

And he has nothing left to prove to any abject fools who now call him a 'racist' for winning the Super Bowl. 

As I said...'wokes' are sandpoundingly stupid.  And are mentally atrophying at an accelerated rate with this total silliness. 

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Blogger Sandee said...

Whatever, but they won so suck it up.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ♥

08 February, 2021 09:06  

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