Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter Blunderland

A week ago, a local meteorologist was discussing the reality of that seasonal wish for folks who love a truly festive holiday: in reality, Denver only sees a "white Christmas" about 30% of the time.

Up to about Sunday, December 17, a "white Christmas" did not appear to be in the cards for Denver and the Front Range.

Then someone, somewhere, put in their DVD of It's A Wonderful Life, closed their eyes, and asked Santa for "a white Christmas".

Careful what you wish for.

December 20, 2006: the Christmas Blizzard of 2006 has arrived along the Front Range of Colorado.

The three radar images above are from 7am Wednesday, and 1pm Wednesday, from 600 mile radius down to 100 mile radius. 'Nuff said there.

The following is a quote from the National Weather Service, after they had time to finally decide that we were no longer in for "a trace of snow in Denver": a blizzard warning remains in effect until 12pm MST Thursday. Total accumulations are expected in most locations of Denver by Thursday morning. As much as 2 feet of snow will fall in the southern suburbs and Palmer Divide Area. North winds increasing to around 25 mph with frequent gusts up to 40 mph especially east of I-25 will produce blizzard conditions. Travel is rapidly becoming extremely hazardous and will likely become impossible this afternoon. Travel is NOT RECOMMENDED through Thursday morning.

'Nuff said there.

Photos of the storm -- from beginning to end -- will appear once I dig out and get 'em developed.



Blogger Monica said...

Pssst! I think it was FTS. No really. Think about it. He goes blissfully off on his search for mountains and anything opposite of Texas heat. Next time you see him? Look for a copy of that Jimmy Stewart DVD. You'll see.

21 December, 2006 05:38  
Blogger deni said...

LOL @ Monica, it probably was FTS.

I wouldn't mind a little snow.

I must be daft.

21 December, 2006 06:14  
Anonymous Stacy said...

I wouldn't mind some snow either. It's been in the 50's here in PA. It doesn't feel very Christmasy.

21 December, 2006 08:24  
Blogger Karen said...

You all got that much snow and you did not even share any with your neighbor state, Utah! I cannot believe it! I'd like a storm like that to hit here tonight around 5:30 when I am home for the weekend. Snow is coming tomorrow but it's a itty-bitty storm compared to what you all got, if we get anything at all.

Yes, I'm one of those sick people that could be snowed in for a few days and not even care ;-)

It may have been FTS' Christmas wish but being in the Texas heat for so long, I'm thinking he deserves the snow.

21 December, 2006 13:12  
Blogger header5 said...

I keep getting notices at work about the campus closings in Colorado. Try to keep warm!

21 December, 2006 18:47  
Blogger Monica said...

So inquiring minds want to know (and so does the Enquirer)...did you...could you?


Get your mind out of the gutter...I wanna know if you made it in to work today...geez...some guys.

22 December, 2006 08:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

prop : every State oughto've a region named Blizzard

29 December, 2006 17:04  

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