Monday, October 31, 2005

Sequels And The Peter Principle

Just when you thought movie sequels couldn't go any further down the path of ludicrous, someone comes along to challenge the movie version of the corporate Peter Principle: sequels will be created to their lowest level of pathetic, and stop.
Now Sly Stallone is planning to come out with not only Rambo IV; he's going to come out, around the same time, with Rocky VI.

Thus, the movie version of the Peter Principle will have to make way for the Stallone Addendum: some sequels sink to their level of pathetic...and then find a crack in the floor.

Granted, this is the movie business, where real life seldom meets illusion; when it does, illusion rarely loses. After all, look what Spielberg did for sharks and extinct dinosaurs. Not to mention the South Park duo, making credible marionettes out of the likes of Michael Moore and Sean Penn.

So I guess anything is possible in the movies. Stallone is 59; and the movie business isn't the NFL. If Jerry Rice had been a movie star, he wouldn't have been washed up at 42.

So maybe, just maybe, Stallone can pull off the Rambo IV premise with a great script, superb special effects, and a sh**load of make-up.

But I'm having more of an imagination issue with a 59 year old actor -- who'll probably be 60 by the time shooting begins -- pulling off a credible sixth version of Rocky Balboa.

I'm just not sure that what computer wizardry did for a T-rex, it can do for Sly at 60.

Unless he's planning to box George Foreman? 30 second rounds, with liberal application of Geritol IVs and Ensure between rounds? Maybe they can dig up computer enhanced Howard Cosell for the color uncommentary ("There's the bell for Round 2, and Rocky has trouble getting into his walker; Foreman is waiting in the middle of the ring, right where he stayed at the end of Round 1, afraid he'd never be able to get off the stool for Round 2...they dug me up for this? It's a travesty..").

Hollywood is in a rut; which answers where the movie Peter Principle found a place to sink beneath pathetic.


Blogger FTS said...

I sawthe news about Sly making another Rambo several months ago. He was 58 at that time. Sure is taking them a long time to get around to production. Maybe the studio figures they can outlast him and then recast the role. ;-)

30 October, 2005 14:56  
Anonymous TSB said...

Wouldn't you think this goof would have enough money by now? I think it's and insane thought to even believe one person will step into a theatre to see this drivel. LOL, maybe I should have said drool!

02 November, 2005 00:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was recently an interesting article on how desperate Hollywood is:

There's also a definitive list of upcoming sequels and remakes. Hollywood is clearly running out of ideas.

02 November, 2005 08:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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