Thursday, July 21, 2005

Voting For Dildough

The state of Colorado is a hoot. Especially when they're begging voters for more of our money so they can spend it for, in the words of my particular state senator, "the common good".


Like many states, Colorado was hit hard by 9/11 and what followed. Unlike some harder-hit states, like Califorlornia, Colorado had a fiscally responsible Republican governor, a Republican-controlled state house/senate, and the taxpayer-friendly Tabor Amendment, that required the state to send back to taxpayers excess revenues the state didn't find a way to spend. So at least initially, the pain was minor.

But the Democrats -- doing their damnest to feel someone's pain -- howled like stuck piggy banks, demanding steps be taken to increase spending on everything and anything.

Fools that they are (I don't include myself, having voted no on it), the voters of Colorado responded in 2002 with Amendment 23, which put educational spending on autopilot for a number of years, coinciding with an economic downturn in the state. Bigger fools that they are (I don't include myself, having voted for fiscally responsible candidates), the voters of Colorado responded in 2004 by turning control of the state house/senate over to the spend-happy Democrats.

What follows was preDICTable and ludicrous: Referendum C and D. On the November 2005 ballot is a plan whereby, with voter approval, the state will cease refunding Tabor Amendment overtaxation to the taxpayers, and will keep it for "at least" five years, spending it on "roads, education and health care". Without it, the doomsayers say that budget shortfalls will be in the "billions" of dollars, and that the most vulnerable will suffer.

Of course, opponents of the two referenda note, with alarm and concern, that once government gets the extra money and spends in on a plethora of old and new programs, they aren't going to want to give it back in five years. Or ten . Or ever.

I recently had an email exchange with my state senator on this subject: I insisted that what C and D amounted to was a huge tax increase, and I insisted that the current revenues being collected be better spent; she responded with an arrogant "you obviously have no idea about the complexities of state government, and how the monies are necessary for the common good".


This week, two examples (of many) of what my state senator considers "for the common good" have hit the proponents of Referendum C and D, right between their fans: how the state of Colorado spent $500,000 taxpayer dollars on liquor for the poor, underfunded University of Colorado, and how the state's Council of the Arts spent $5,000 on an art work consisting of twelve dildos on hooks.

A budget shortfall 'crisis' demands we let the state keep our overtaxation, so we can provide booze to college students and dildos for art?

And that's only the beginning, with Democrats hoping to -- with voter approval -- stifle Tabor and get a stranglehold on taxpayer monies, for necessary state expenditures like dildonic artwork, condoms for junior high students and alcohol for the party animals at CU.

I can only hope that more rational Coloradans than transplanted, liberal-to-the-point-of-dumb-as-tree-stump Califorlornians are registered to vote in November, and show up to shoot this referendumb dead at the ballot box.

Otherwise, I'm gonna need one of those junior high condoms, to protect myself from the tax dildo the Democrats will be bending me over with.

And they think a skunk stinks?

Later 2005 update: this same state senator from Colorado -- about three months after our email exchange -- was forced to resign her seat from the Colorado Senate, having been caught in a scandal involving 'forcing' certain entities to fund her re-election campaign, or face the threat of funding cut-offs. I sent her a follow-up email when the scandal broke, thanking her for educating me on what Democrats consider "the common good". LOL.


Blogger The Ugly American said...

When I was in Denver a few years back I heard folks from CA called californicators...I think I like yours though...what was it...califorlornians?

21 July, 2005 06:12  
Blogger Monica said...

hmmm...we may need to move this discussion to email, friend. Good writing though.

take care.

22 July, 2005 07:33  
Blogger Kyra said...

It just amazes me how in times of so-called budget crisis there is still so much waste of the money that is available. How do we not have money for social programs or to feed the homeless but have enough to buy sex toys and call it art?!

I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "Dave" with Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. One of the best parts of the movie is when homeless shelters are cut from the budget because there just isn't enough money to fund them. Dave is told that if he can find the millions of dollars to pay for it then it will be put back on the to-do list. He calls in the heads of all the departments, gets everyone to give a little from their meaningless or redundant programs, and does just that! Of course, I know this is just a movie, but why CAN'T it be just that simple?

(This is a pretty good movie. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It's a pretty good commentary on Washington politics.)

22 July, 2005 07:48  

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