Thursday, June 16, 2005


Never heard of a skunk with feathers? Neither had my mascot; his annoyance is obvious.

Growing up in Iowa and South Dakota in the late '50s and through the '60s -- mainly in rural settings -- I ofttimes heard the watered-down epithet, "oh horsefeathers!". Well, there were horses on the farm, and not a one bearing feathers.

I felt cheated. Either our horses were not purebreds, or someone got to the horses, first.

Later on, I would learn that horsefeathers was just a phrase, and little more than an urban legend, like jackalopes, snipes and honest liberal politicians.

As a writer and new to the Internet in '95, I sought something unique for my very first email address. 'Horsefeathers' it was. And so it remained, until a malevolent virus creator targetted my email, among others.

Since then, I have taken a creature-neutral approach to my email: I have had cowfeathers, moosefeathers, badgerfeathers, even snakefeathers. Currently, I have an alternate email for this blog (

But it was with Skunkfeathers that I was able to go beyond merely the image, thanks to the aspiring graphic arts talent and eager desire to make 'Skunkfeathers' come to life, of one Brittany Sheets (in a shameless bit of advertising, if you like what she did with 'Skunk', and have something you'd like created, let me know and I'll put you in touch with her).

Now you needn't wonder about 'Skunkfeathers'; you can see 'em.

What will this blog consist of? 'Skunkfeatherisms'. What will that consist of?

Drop by periodically, and find out.


Blogger Monica said...

I love it!

17 June, 2005 08:22  

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