Friday, June 17, 2005

Pet Blogs

Have you ever noticed that just about anyone who blogs, sooner or later gets around to blogging about their pets?

I can think of nothing more...inane, especially in my case.

I have a pet rock. A pet rock named Seymour.

Seymour is not an authentic pet rock; I liberated him from the apartment complex landscaping, when I moved in here. As a door stop. A role he served quite well.

But when it came to return him to 'the pile', it was rather cold outside, warm inside, and he whimpered.

At the time, I was a sucker for a wimpy rock.

Since that time, Seymour has been spoiled almost to the point of distraction: insisting on being perched where the TV and remote are always in reach; trying to order pizza and stuff off QVC; learning to play computer games; raiding the 'fridge; using my golf putter to fend off a ravaging leftover that chased Seymour away from the 'fridge; and finally, after watching a marathon of Outer Limits episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel, trying to convert the remote into something that would 'defend the homestead', causing me to inadvertently vaporize the 'fridge before I realized what he'd done.

I don't think the apartment manager bought my explanation, either.

And Seymour is absolutely ga-ga for a humorwriter living in Japan -- Amy Chavez -- who keeps offering to take Seymour off my hands. If she sends me a shipping address, she'll find out I wasn't kidding about sending him along...he's always wanted to sit on her island, and watch the ocean from the patio of the Moo Bar.

Where a rock developed a thing for a bar done up in rural holstein, I'll never know.

At any rate, that's my pet blog.

Now I can move onto more mundane things....


Blogger Monica said...

I remember Seymour's terrifying experience with the Outer Limits. Poor Seymour! He's too precious! Hmmm...maybe HE can give me some computer pointers.

19 June, 2005 09:39  
Blogger Kyra said...

oops--I committed the sin of inanity...the sin of posting a few words about by beloved dogs. try to forgive me--my husband is gone, I have no children, and my family lives far, far away. if it weren't for my pets, I would talk to the walls even more than I already do!

18 July, 2005 11:43  

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