Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Bernie Memes

No...that's not Grumpy Bernie.

But he gets you started with the right idea.

Since leftist fraud and deceit has managed such a foothold in America in 2021, you'd think ardent, rabid leftists like Bernie Sanders would be in ecstacy.

Meh...perhaps.  But with so many leftists, even when they're winning by hook, crook and fraud...they're still not happy.

That's Bernie:

An admitted socialist/communist who exemplifies socialist/communist elites (he has wealth and multiple homes, but you serfs are not so entitled to live as he and his ilk do), Bernie won't be happy until everyone outside of his elitist circles are stripped of all but what he and his elitist circles decree you're allowed to have.  "No bread lines for me, only for thee!"

Some intrepid, soon-to-be-censored memesters have taken to having a field day with the Bern.  I'm sure more are to come, but here's what I've garnered thus far:

(I can just imagine what the ladies are laughing at...)

(LOL...yo Bern and 'Borg, this ain't fascist book here)

(I reckon a falling house won't hep here...mebbe a bucket of water?)

(I'll bats he won't like this one..)

(Get off the hallucinogens and this might go away..)


(..the sound of Bernie?  Uh...nawp...)

(I doubt ol' Archie would ever feel 'the Bern'...)

(and if this doesn't give him a 'knitfit'...)

(...this might keep him in stitches...)

(of course his ideological Indian chum Lieawatha thought a video of her beering it up would help her with the masses, so ol' Bernie tries a version of 'Millar Time' hisself...)

(..in the end, I can bear this better than the bear might...)

...as more come my way, I'm happy to pass 'em along.




Blogger Sandee said...

This is a man that I can't stand. He grates on my last nerve. They did find something useful for him though...this.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ♥

26 January, 2021 06:57  
Blogger Herb said...

That poor polar bear!

26 January, 2021 10:11  

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