Sunday, July 18, 2021

Bit By The Coin

Cryptocurrency.  A hot topic over the past few years.

And rife with scammers from the anals of Scamland.

I'm 'blessed' to hear from one now and again.

Like this one:

                                        BITCOIN INVESTMENT PLATFORM

                            2643 Virginia Ave NW Washington, DC 20037
United States

Are you interested in earning extra income from the comfort of your
home for this within 50 minutes? I am here to help you get profit
within minutes ask me how!

My regard
Mrs. Olivia Owen
Bitcoin Agent   

I'm always amused that the originating email is different from the response one, along with the name of the sender.  In this case, Ms Evelyn Coker at addy sent me the ploy; but Mrs. Olivia Owen is the 'agent' using a different email addy for reply.


It was a simple edit, so I let my 'editing gone wild' pet rocks Seymour and Element take a day off:

Sent: Friday, July 9, 2021 4:30 PM
                                          BENTCOIN INCESTMENT PLATFORM

                            2643 No Virgins Left Here Ave NW Washington, DC 20037 United States

Are you interested in getting screwed, blued and tattoo'd online by a Third World Sh*t Hole Dweller?
Did you know that within 50 minutes or less I can do that to you?  I am here to rape and pillage your
wallet within minutes ask me how!  Forget the fact that I used one email address and name at the 
start of this email only to conclude with a different both at the conclusion!  No inquiries for 'friends'
please.  Your results will vary from those advertised elsewhere.  The constipated mathematician didn't work this one out with a pencil; you won't, either.  If you see what we just did there, you'll be the first.

My regard
Mrs. Olivia Owen
Bentcoin Agent Provocateur

 The originating scammer was smart enough to recognize a 'nowhere to go' with this one and didn't reply.  But another didn't and did:

how does this work?

It works pretty much like a frog in a blender.  Only with less mess to clean up afterward.   


Yes, exactly.  So glad you unnerstand.  I hate emailing with abject idiots.

With that reply, the curiosity led that cat to go off and sulk or something...

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