Monday, June 21, 2021

Port Harcourt Speaks...To His Regret

No one could know of Star Trek (TOS) without having knowledge of one character that managed two episodes thereon:  Harcourt Fenton Mudd, aka Harry.

And women were key in both of his escapade episodes.

That alone should start feminincompoop heads exploding, but I digress.

Recently a person of apparent dubious antecedence commented on one of the scam emails that involved the scam FBI, and left in comments for that post the alleged name, address and email address of the scammer possibly involved with that post:

Fullname: KINGSLEY ISRAEL JACK Address; 210 BENDE street, City: PORTHARCOURT State: RIVERS-STATE Phone no: +2349055086093 Zipcode: +234 Occupation: BUSINESSMAN,ENGINEER,and GOVERNMENT WORKER. Email:

Amusing.  And as it turned out, useful.

Not in a good way as the alleged revealed scammer would learn.

When my pet rock, Seymour, saw that the scammer's hometown was PORT HARCOURT, that sent a *TOING* that reverberated around the abode in such a manner that both Element and Alexa were awakened out of sound naps.  Even a nearly comatose William Shatner, thousands of miles away, involuntarily *twitched*.

Seymour took the above comment, embellished it and sent it back to KIJ and several dozen of his compatriots and peers:

Dear Mr Mudd,

Thank you for your request for vetting by our internationally-know'd firm of entremanure vetting processes.

We have done as you requested and found you thoroughly cockwobble.

Further, you are a source of triggering to raging feminincompoops of all shapes and elongated sizes.

Below are the parameters you provided us in the original request:

Phone no: +2349055086093 
Zip code: +234 
Occupation: Purveyor of female sex bots in the form of roombas with genitals implanted from piranha*

Member in dubious at best standing with the Nigerian Odor of Illuminincompoops
which makes you anathema of run-amok college professors applying assordid personal pronouns to their genders of study.

You'd be wise to avoid college campuses and ex-wives.  Just saying.

Note:  supplies are limited.  Dealer prep and options extra.  Your results will vary.

*last tried on an episode of Star Trek TOS ("Mudd's Womyn") in 1966. You judge the success.
From here, it looks pretty bleak on the success scale.

Amazingly, this edit did not earn the wrath of either Element or Alexa in Seymour's direction.  They both figure the female world has enough loons on the Left without becoming two more.

Seymour is suitably thankful.

The edit did earn Seymour one response from one of the scammers receiving it:

STOP THIS EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!   

Seymour was up for that:

When you can write the request without sounding like a Third World moron, we'll talk.  Have your people contact my people and they can do lunch.  You're buying.  Cannibal delicacies are prohibited (aka, "finger food" ain't real fingers here, just so's you know).

The scammer wasn't up for answering that.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Great job, Seymour. I do love the graphics and you've captured a lot of snowflakes. Heavy on the flakes.

Have a fabulous day and week, Seymour. My best to your dad and Element. ♥

21 June, 2021 08:37  

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