Monday, May 3, 2021

'Wokes' Eat Their Own

A long time ago, in a country getting farther and farther away (from reality), there was a biological male athlete that kicked ass in the 1976 Olympics.

His name was Bruce Jenner.

Decades later, he decided -- or was somehow convinced -- that he was actually a 'she'.  Though debated, 'Wheaties' weren't the cause of the change.

At any rate, Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner thus became Caitlyn Jenner, thereby becoming a darling of the mentally-disturbed Left, and a symbol of walking zombie 'wokedom'.

At least for a time.

But as anyone who eventually stops drinking the Leftist Koolaid, or defies the Leftist demand to divorce oneself from all common sense before it's too late comes to find, once they've crossed that Rubicon, they are not allowed to turn back from the talking points playbook they are expected to follow, now and forever.

Fast forward to 2021:  first, Jenner decides to challenge the top democrapic moron of Kaliforlornia, Gavin Newsom, for the governorship that he ran badly up on the rocks.

Get ready for Newsom vs Newwomyn.

The Left and the 'wokes' might have just begun to have absorbed that shock -- Jenner is running as a Republican -- when Jenner decided to throw them a nuclear haymaker:  'she' said that biological males (surgically turned into transfemales) should not be allowed to compete in female sports.

One needn't listen long or hard to hear leftist and woke heads exploding like Martian heads hearing Slim Whitman yodel.

On Twerper -- the former Twitter platform being dumbed down and edited by Leftist speech nazis -- the exploding heads, formerly enamored of Jenner, now....well this:

All the leftist and woke loonies are out now decrying and verbally blasting their former hero/heroine.

'Cuz to the leftist/woke loonies out there, this (pictured above) is okay.  Males transitioning to females so as to dominate female sports is no big thing...even to the feminincompoops who once might have had issues with that.  Their souls turned out to be easily sold to the 'woke' lack of mentality.

Imagine Howard Cosell time traveling and well....

When 2020 was wrapping up, few thought the New Year could be worse or more bizarro.


COVID got nuffin' on this.

Slim Whitman, yodel on...

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Blogger Sandee said...

I can't keep up with the madness. The world has gone crazy and this post it but a small slice of that crazy.

Have a fabulous day, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ♥

04 May, 2021 06:32  

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