Sunday, May 30, 2021

And Yet Just A Few More Randomalities

 Time for a few more randomalities from all over Heckydarnpoo.

All the while in Portland...

While Taylor finds out she can't write a song about breaking up with President Trump because he's got a far hotter babe than Taylor...

Wisdom from a dead cartoonist:
In my kitchen, this happens:
Sometimes...well, most times, NBA players should stick to what they're good at and STFU:
Fact checking by cnn be like:
The art world can't take much more of this:
My cousin the Queen is going a tad bonkers over Harry and his manipulative wench:
How much Tidy Bowl was needed for this:
Gender hell:  what mental illness is this:
Dem soyboyz lurves getting their cops feeled:
Ain't that the truth:
Today's security at the CDC:
While the Left continues to go...y'know, the thing:
It's helpful when you know this stuff:
Truly, Yoda is wise:

Lefties in Portland, not so much:
Could this be how Jenn Psuki got her current job?  It could:
The Left celebrates fake doctors; Scotland tags 'em as they are:
Ireland isn't so impressed with 'cancel culture':
Meanwhile in the USA, genital warts are all the rage:
Some former nfl clowns should STFU like some nba knuckleheads:
Didn't know they made stretch versions, eh:
The Left sends evolution into regression:
Taylor realizing that she was tied to Trump earlier in this post:
While story lines in Hollywad are deteriorating rapidly:
Coke going 'woke' turned out to be a joke..on Coke:
And once more, a Karen loses to a cat:

That's it for this edition of even more randomalities...

*somewhere, leftist heads just exploded*



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