Monday, March 22, 2021

The Global Joke Of The Day/Week/Year: Bidumb

 Oh yeah.

That stumbling, fumbling fraud Bidumb is sure bringing back  world 'respect' and 'prestige' alright.

The stuff that Trump always had and the lamestream media always lied about him not having.

Well...the Left is returning the US to the state of disrepair that Obola had spent eight tortured years arranging.

That's what and all the Left does.

Meantime in Bidumb Land, mismanaged by the lamestream servile mediocres:

That's what the single IQ'd dolts at cnn and pmsnbc would desperately want you to think.

And while reasoned, rational people know and doubt seriously that Bidumb is running things on his own, the dnc wants you to believe that orange man bad, white man badder:

Yes, this is the world the Left rigged an election with corrupted voting machine software to achieve.  Cancel culture, 'sleepwokers', allowing illegals to swamp the southern borders, turning blind eyes to pedophilia and human-child trafficking, negating gender identity...this is the cancer that the Left wants to shove down your throat.

A relative -- a committed democrat -- argued that democrats aren't "evil"; they just "view things differently".

Yes, they most certainly do.  And while their "useful idiots" may not be in and of themselves "evil", their party and that party's objectives, certainly are.

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Blogger Sandee said...

While they are focusing on all the stupid stuff they are getting passes on all the important stuff they are doing that's destroying America. Bless their evil hearts.

I call the pres and the vp place holders.

Have a fabulous day and week, Mike. My best to Seymour and Element. ♥

22 March, 2021 07:27  

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