Sunday, February 7, 2021

An O-nnoyed Cortez Wants To Be Taken Super Serial

 The fraud of January 6 couldn't be allowed to die any kind of death before aoc-smollett decided to try to cash in on it.

She claimed her office was breached by bomb-planting Trump supporters and that she feared for her life.

While two doors down, another congresswoman called "shenanigans", saying it's all bullshevik.

Apparently aoc-smollett and members of her staff knew that a person asking to know where she was, was a Capitol police officer.

No her faked photo at the border of "fenced in illegals" that was actually an empty lot, aoc-smollett will cook up anything to be a victim while trying to gain traction as an up and coming tyrunt.

That's not a typo.  All small-minded authoritarian wannabes are runts.

aoc-smollett is even urging her supporters to scan social media to find anyone calling shenanigans on her nonsense.

That's pretty reminiscent of "Friends of Hillary" who threatened to scan any and all sources of media for certain words applied to Hellary that she and they found "feeling entitled" (which she clearly did then and still does). 

While her party attempts to censor any and all opposition to their drive for socialist/communist control of word, thought and media, little aoc-smollett jumps right on any bandjackwagon she thinks will give her traction to sell her climate fraud and more.

No doubt we'll hear more from the bartender that's badly overreached intellectually and her media-scanning "useful idiot" fans.



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