Saturday, October 31, 2020

May Need A Trigger Warning

2020 drags on.  Election 2020 drags on.  Queens drag on.

Some might see what I did there.

In the following series of memes, there is no central theme.  One of the memes was selected by my pet rocks as what happened to a certain entity supposed to be protecting me from me, and dun worn out by the effort.  

You'll know it when you encounter it.


Monday, October 26, 2020

2020 Has Been Hell

 Most of us have been impacted by 2020 in ways that most of us would love to have foregone, and hope to forget.

The state of Colorado is still mired in its share of hating one of the worst years on record.

I'm not here to argue the wholly debatable points about forest management, climate change, etc.  Contrary to some badly mistaken beliefs, the science ISN'T settled.

Nor is the devastation from wild fires yet settled.

The following series of photos are of more than one wild fire burning in Colorado as I write this post.  An incoming snowstorm may help check some of the leviathan's advance, but that won't help everyone that's been in the path of these maelstroms from Hell.

Whatever your lot in life, think about those who face this menace, along with those who are risking pretty much everything -- aka, their lives -- to fight and try to hold back these furies of Nature.

I participated in fighting two wild fires in my younger days.  Compared to what is pictured here, those were backyard campfires.  Thanks and God bless the crews fighting hard and risking much to save as much as they can.

You'll never find bigger heroes in my book.

Ma Nature comes through with a winter storm haymaker.  It's helping big time.

We may get out of 2020 yet.