Wednesday, September 30, 2020

When Taking A Knee Is Real vs A False Narrative

This one won't be long.  It won't need to be.

It's a comparison of kneeling.

The first is kneeling in thanks to his Lord and savior.

For doing this he was ridiculed by his league, by the media, by the Left.

Let that sink in a minute.

The second example knelt for a false narrative, a level of "oppression" that he was never exposed to, for reasons fraudulent and self-serving.

The NFL and the Left branded the first as a fraud.

The NFL and the Left branded the second as a hero.

If you wonder why the NFL is sucking at the box office, and the second 'hero' can't even get a job in the see where reality recognizes the truth that the NFL and the Left don't want seen.

But millions of Americans do see.


The top right is righteous.

The bottom right, a fraud.

The top right is ridiculed.

The bottom right, used to excuse a host of acts of dishonesty, violence and vandalism in the false name of "social justice".

America, you can choose the rule of law and civil society.

Or you can choose the cancer of leftist lies, fraud and deceit.

It's that clear. 


Sunday, September 27, 2020

Good Question That

 A meme recently came across Faceplant and ventured this inquiry.

Good question that.

Why IS Miss Universe always from Earth?

At the time, I ventured a guess that since it took over 8 years to get from Uranus to Earth, Miss Uranus was always late and aged.

One more reason that Uranus wants to go to war with us.

But let's not jump the shark:  perhaps aliens have been entered in the Miss Universe pageant before.

Melania Trump certainly could have won.

Of course, not every 'alien' looks like Melania.

For example:

...and then there are some specimens that truly make you wonder if aliens aren't already among us:

(...we think this one is maligNANCY before she got elected the first time...)

Perhaps it's best if we leave it up to Earth to produce the annual Miss Universe candidates every year.

The alien choices....meh.

Sorry, Uranus:  Hellary didn't age well on the trip.


Thursday, September 24, 2020

More Randomalities

There are no 'trigger warnings' that come with these randomalities.

What you what I posted.

And yes, I don't care what the nincompoop of a mayor of nyc thinks about anything.

Especially his psycho spawn.

So sit back and enjoy the following....or don Depends in case you're the 'easily triggered' type:


 for that last, they keep on outdumbing themselves daily...


Monday, September 21, 2020

How'd The 2020 Prognosticators Do?

AS one can tell, this 2020 prognostication came out in May of the pandumbic.

The moidah hoynets wuz a flop.

June was an equal disappointment, as my pet rocks had garlic butter all ready to go...and no crab people.  Crabby ones, but not the edible kind.

July....another phffffft as Planet of the Apes took a pass on us and went to Uranus instead.

August failed to have Godzilla emerge from the ocean...he took one look at the streets of San Crapcisco and said "oh nuh-UH!"....not until they clean that cesspool up.

September is making a run at accuracy; once they shoot up all the antifa nippleheads with the vaccine, we'll see...they're not far from zombified without it.

October must be referencing another movie I never see'd.  A horse is a horse, of course of course, unless it's a carnivorous pony...meh.

November and a second wave of crab people predicted.  If Trump wins, the crab people will all be over at cnn, dnc, in Portland and Sheboygan.  Turkeys will welcome that.  Or not.

Now for December, I have no idea what a Cthulhu is, was, or whether Joe Bidumb has sniffed it.  That'd probably be enough to send Cthulhu to join the apes on Uranus.

January 2021:  aliens already have invaded planet earth.  You can find them sleazing around at cnn, the dnc and in Portland.  Sheboygan may have taken a pass by now.

February 2021:  now I know someone's smoking crank and making stuff like this up.

March 2021:  Fine, long as my tax return gets here first.

April 2021:  That's when we all find out that 2020 was a five year long April Fool's joke....


Friday, September 18, 2020



Also know'd as puns.

You hear it.  You can't believe the person said it.  You wince...trying not to laugh.

'Cuz you don't want to encourage the person.

They wind up spouting more, anyway.

Granted, not all of what follows is a pun....but close enough for my work.

You're welcome.