Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sum Ting Wong Alwight

Of late, I seem to be receiving a lot of emails that start out by asking me if I've received their previous email?

They seem incredulous if I have, and didn't reply.  Or didn't, and should have.

I can only increase their incredulity when I do.

Let's take this one for example...there was no previous email to this one:

Did you receive my previous email? Kindly confirm.
Yours truly,
Sik Chong, Chun.  
My character decides to split the difference, sorta:

I got an email from Sum Ting Wong, but not from you.
Do you know Sum Ting Wong?  
The exchange wasn't long, but it was amusing, at least to my pet rock:
I do not know this person you say.  
They said what you said, but their name was Sum Ting Wong, not Sik Chong Chun.  Are you sure that you don't know Sum Ting Wong?  
I do not know them.  Can we do business?  
Not if Sum Ting Wong. 
Exactly.  As long as there's Sum Ting Wong, no deal.  
I say I don't know this person.  
Doesn't matter.  Until we sort out if Sum Ting Wong, no deal.  
I'm actually surprised they kept dialogue going with my character that long, without them realizing that Sum Ting Wong.
That just got a face palm from my pet rock...

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