Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Pet Rock's Take On Super Bowl Half-Time Nonsense

My pet rock, Seymour, didn't really give a lusty geode fart about NFL football until getting invited to become more than just a door stop in my abode.

Then he became a fan.

That was until Colin Kaepernick started up with his whiny false narrative and career self-destruction.

When I went on the wagon from following the NFL in the 2017 season, Seymour went along for the ride.

A million dollar QB that felt oppressed by the society that allowed him the unique opportunity to become a million dollar QB, while he's honoring Marxist dictators that are vastly more oppressive than he ever lived under...I wasn't buying it.  And wasn't paying a cent to the NFL to have my entertainment besmirched by that false narrative and their bending over backwards to it.

Come 2018, and it seemed that the nonsense had settled down somewhat.  But only somewhat.

That was until talk about Super Bowl 52's half time entertainment came up.  Seems that the ruiners of all good things -- the Left -- are now trying to ruin the half time show, by shaming anyone who dares to play it.

On one hand, this is a good thing:  a lot of acts I've never heard of and wouldn't spend a plug nickel on, are refusing to do the Super Bowl.

That's fine.  All they really need for the half-time show is...more cowbell.

Or better still...scrap the overpriced, toxic politically-correct pablum from entitled and dishonest Hollywad nincompoops, and make half time about THE GAME.

Halftime can be a retrospective of the season just ending, leading to the two teams in the Super Bowl.  No political drivel.  No Amy Schumer telling us how unscrewable she is, which pretty much all the world knew long before she finally figured it out.  No false narrative sniveling about million-plus-dollar athletes and their false narratives about oppression they don't experience.

Just make the halftime show all about the greatest show on turf.  Period.

My pet rock has just solved the NFL's problem for them.  And what's more, Seymour did it for free.

You're welcome.

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